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Upgrade Your Sleep Space: Transforming the Style & Functionality of Your Bedroom

Though the bedroom is where you begin and end the day, it's often overlooked in terms of design and functionality, with focus placed on the more populated living and dining spaces. Putting time and effort into designing your bedroom can be very rewarding. If you think of interior design as being an investment in self-care, your sleep space can be a canvas for both personal expression and peaceful relaxation. Below, discover Copenhagen’s design and furniture suggestions for transforming your bedroom into a perfect oasis, one that boosts your mood, nurtures relaxation, and reflects your unique style.

The Dreamy Duo – Anchor Your Oasis with The Right Bed Frame & Mattress

With the bed being the main furnishing of most bedrooms, it’s the perfect starting point for a redesign. Choosing the right frame and mattress is essential for establishing the comfort level and general atmosphere of any bedroom space.

With the variety of materials and styles available, a well-chosen bed frame can transcend mere mattress support, enhancing the elegance of your space and creating a welcoming aura for you to sink into. Both upholstered and wood frames have their unique qualities, but whichever you choose, it’s important to consider whether the design can hold its own as style trends come and go. Flashier and ornate designs are fun but might not be worth the investment as time goes on. Copenhagen carries European style platform beds, so no box spring is needed regardless of the design you choose.

For a more understated touch of luxury, consider something like the Ayrton, which has a fully upholstered leather headboard grounded by a slim bronze frame. If you prefer a cozier look, a fabric frame with variegated tones or textured feel would be a great choice; the Paxon bed fits the bill with a tailored structure that nonetheless feels casual. Or take a classic wood frame to the next level with the Cross-Linq bed by BDI, which has the perfect balance of cutting-edge and laid-back design, with a bold slatted headboard and timeless rounded frame.

Beyond mattress size and dimensions, the materials and firmness of a mattress’s inner layers can have a considerable impact on sleep quality and thus the ambiance of your entire bedroom. If you’re not sure of your specific mattress needs, we suggest trying out a few in person to help determine which type brings you the ideal balance of comfort and support. For a softer sleep, an extra plush, hybrid-memory foam mattress like the Toronto will likely bring you the most comfort. On the other end of the spectrum lies Ottawa, with a firm yet flexible feel due to a combination of latex and foam. Most will enjoy a mattress somewhere in the middle of the firmness range, but options exist all along the spectrum for you to find your perfect fit.

Express Yourself – Discover Design Styles that Bring More Zen

Items and spaces that feel like ‘home’ tend to bring comfort and encourage self-expression. Though everyone has different preferences, there are several design styles that are ideal for the bedroom, focusing on colors, shapes, and textures that foster a sense of calm. Below, learn about the defining aspects of three relaxing design styles and discover if one, or maybe a mixture, is right for you.

Japanese Minimalism

Characterized by elegant simplicity, Japanese Minimalism encourages clutter-free, asymmetrical spaces with natural materials, earthy tones, and low-profile furnishings. If you feel inspired by round, more circular furniture, and handwoven or nature-inspired accessories, then this design style might be for you. Both the Armadi beside table and chest, with their circular impressions and rounded corners, and the Gala nightstand and dresser, with their delightful textured wood finishes, are great representations of Japanese Minimalism. This serene look can be finished off with organic-feeling accessories like the Heather bowl, and hand-spun rugs like the Natori Dynasty, which features a pattern of browns, blues, and greens Inspired by the outfits of Japanese samurai.

Scandinavian ‘Hygge’

Combine Scandinavian design with the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ and you get a laid-back, relaxed space that feels more inviting. If the description ‘light and airy’ speaks to you, then incorporating this design style into your bedroom could be just what you need. With a focus on neutral tones, organic materials, clean lines, and an overall feeling of symmetry, Scandinavian Hygge is effortlessly cozy. These Danish-inspired designs, from the Marvin nightstand and its combination of wood veneer and cream-colored glass to the Avita dresser's walnut finish and white porcelain top, have simplified structures that feel refreshing and streamlined. Add a touch of color with a muted pillow like the Juna, which also has an intricate texture, and play around with the power of minimalist wall art with hanging wire pieces like Standing Perspective.

Cottage Core

If you sometimes dream of a simpler life – a rural lifestyle surrounded by blooming landscapes and whimsical wonders – then the design principles of Cottage Core could bring your dream to life. The Cottage Core aesthetic seeks to bring the serenity of nature into a space, with floral motifs, wood and stone accents, and bright pastel tones. Designs like the Prescott dresser and nightstand bring in the warmth of nature, with pronounced wood grains and carved handles, while the Bella Avorio dresser and nightstand focus on the brightness of the daytime outdoors, with high gloss finishes. Display your favorite flora and fauna in a cheerful plant pot like Eva, or embrace floral replications in the form of a textured pastel pillow or Botanical wall art.

Maximize your Space – Incorporate Storage Solutions to Organize & Declutter

An important step in creating a bedroom that fosters relaxation is minimizing clutter and mess. Waking up to clear surfaces and a space free from piles of clothes, books, and other items can start your day off on the right foot. For a well-organized bedroom, consider using a variety of storage units for different types of items, and/or incorporating multifunctional furnishings that benefit your space in more ways than one.

With an open compartment, pull-out tray, and soft-close drawer, the Linq side table can be used as a traditional nightstand and as a tech hub, with an integrated power strip and cable management wires to help you store and charge your tech essentials. Storage ottomans are another great multifunctional item to help you declutter; the Jazz ottoman has a hidden compartment perfect for storing extra blankets, board games, or other items out of view and can also be used for sitting or resting your feet.

To maximize tabletop space, a low-level dresser like Linq offers a wider surface to display your personal items, and wire management straps to house an entertainment setup, mitigating the need for a separate TV stand. If floor space is your main concern, then a taller chest like the Bella Borgata would be a better fit, with a smaller profile that still offers ample storage space. Having a variety of designated storage spaces in your bedroom will help keep it organized, creating a room with plenty of breathing space and stylish possibilities.

Beyond the Essentials – Add Finishings Touches for a Complete Bedroom

Make your bedroom space truly your own by upgrading it beyond the essentials; adding that extra touch further personalizes your space and adds to the overall ‘homey’ experience. These final touches should be unique to you and your needs and serve as your relaxation essentials.

For example, if you enjoy starting your morning with a daily ritual or ending it with a nighttime skincare routine, then a vanity like Cocoon would be a great addition to support your self-care time. Or maybe you enjoy online gaming or tackling art projects; incorporating a small but sturdy desk like the Bella Ruggente gives you a dedicated space to unleash your creativity, without needing a whole office. And if curling up with a good book is what brings you contentment, why not create a cozy reading corner? Pair a corner chair like the Beacon with a small laptop table and knit throw and you’ve got the perfect spot for your literary escapes. These unique additions can be as big or small as your space allows – what’s important is that they contribute to your bedroom’s overall function and design style in a way that feels authentic to you.


A well-designed bedroom has the potential to be a peaceful place to sleep, a haven for relaxation, and a springboard for your creativity and self-expression. As you contemplate upgrading your bedroom, remember to explore Copenhagen’s collection of versatile furniture and accessories for some inspiration or visit us in-store for design help.