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Tech-Forward Furniture: A Blend of Modern Design & Function

BDI Centro Office Collection

From smart phones and kitchen appliances to cars and elevators, technology has evolved over time to make communicating, working, and living more comfortable and convenient. Many designers and engineers are now turning their eye to the home – creating tech-forward furniture that supports the diverse needs and activities of our lifestyles. Innovative and forward-thinking, these products both incorporate technology directly and feature functionalities that support the use of technology. We talked with Jeff Erickson, a sales and design associate at Copenhagen’s Phoenix showroom, about the benefits of incorporating tech-forward furniture in the living space, and what Copenhagen products fit the bill.

Furniture with Built-In Tech for Optimized Versatility

Furniture with built-in technology saves you space and time; everything you need for a particular activity is right there in one unit. The benefits are two-fold: you can spend more time on the task at hand instead of needing to charge something in another room or trying to find the right lighting, increasing your focus and productivity.

“We carry some amazing products by BDI – their designers have really put a lot of thought into their products,” starts Erickson. “A lot of their desks have removable modesty panels for cable management, a shelf for a power strip, and a built-in keyboard pull-out. These little features can make a dramatic difference when someone needs to work.”

The best part? Both the Centro and Sequel 20 Lift Desks by BDI feature power height-adjustability and programmable keypads – allowing you save your preferred positions, whether that’s sitting, standing, or somewhere in between.

But tech-forward furniture isn’t just for the office – these benefits can extend to your dining space and bedroom.

Take the Karsten High Rise Dining Table, for example. Extendable dining tables are becoming increasingly common, but this one takes it a step further with an electric height adjustment mechanism. With both its length and height being up to you to determine, Karsten’s adaptability makes it easy for you to engage in a variety of activities, whether it’s eating dinner, hosting craft night, or serving cocktails.

“When you need to get away from the busyness of the day, or just need a good night’s sleep, using tech-forward furniture in the bedroom might benefit you,” Erickson says. “Our Up-Linq bed has a USB port and power strip so you can have multiple items plugged in – helping you stay connected when you need to.” If your goal is total relaxation, Up-Linq also has a cushioned, slatted platform that reduces vibration and noise. Paired with the Linq Side Tables, which feature state-of-the-art tabletops that can slide forward and keep your necessities in easy reach, you’re set to relax or engage as much as you want.

Smartly Designed Furniture to Maximize Your Comfort

Many find comfort to be paramount to everyday quality of life – so why not incorporate furniture products designed to benefit your health and comfort? Whether you’re looking for something to help you relax or a multifunctional piece to serve a variety of needs, Copenhagen has you covered.

“For myself, sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause back pain. Using height-adjustable furniture helps relieve some discomfort – but a good office chair is often overlooked,” Erickson states. “A chair like the Voca has adjustable seat depth and armrests, as well as excellent lumbar support, keeping me comfortable and benefitting my posture.”

For your living space, we suggest some form of power motion seating because of its customizable comfort and ability to accommodate a variety of people. A power motion recliner like the Stressless® Mayfair has easy-to-use buttons and a headrest that adjusts automatically as you recline to support your body. A sectional like the Brendan not only features three power motion seats, but also a console with charging ports and interior storage. These simple yet powerful designs use technology to support your and your guests’ relaxation needs.

“Also important in the living space is having an intuitively built TV stand,” says Erickson. “Ones with wheels can help you slide the unit in and out to hook up electronics, while ones with tech-savvy elements like remote-friendly doors let you make adjustments from the comfort of your seat.” BDI offers a variety of media and storage cabinets engineered for perfect movie nights, game days, and everything in between. For instance, both the Corridor Low TV Stand and Align 4-Door Cabinet feature hidden wheels and remote-friendly, acoustically transparent doors that make entertainment a breeze.

Supportive Accessories for Every Tech Need

Supportive furniture and accessories, whether they feature built-in tech, or simply aid your use of technology, are often overlooked but just as important. From charging stations to cable management and adaptable structures, these complementary designs can completely transform the benefits and productivity of a space.

Erickson asserts, “The right lighting is important in every room, whether it be a desk, table or floor lamp.” LED lights are a good choice for their energy efficiency and long lifespan – both the Splitty and Grover LED Lamps feature adjustable brightness settings as well as USB ports, so you can have the perfect lighting for various tasks and charge your tech essentials at the same time.

We also suggest rethinking your occasional tables – according to Erickson, “storage is important for all areas, especially in the living room or office space, as it helps mitigate clutter and create calm.” Pieces like the Reveal Coffee and End Tables by BDI are more than a place to rest your morning coffee. The coffee table is equipped with a pneumatic lift mechanism that elevates the tabletop to your preferred height, and features a roomy storage compartment, and the end table has a divided storage compartment with hidden cable management.

Adding supportive accessories can be a simple change – remember, small features can have big impacts on your tech needs. Try incorporating a discreet laptop table with wheels like Deco; an easy productivity booster that is even easier to move when not in use. Or switch out your dresser for one that features wire management wraps, like the Linq, so that you can run wires for a lamp or charging station right behind the dresser.

Technology for You

“Copenhagen has always carried beautifully designed products with function – but now we have a variety of tech-forward options with even more beneficial features for every room,” Erickson states. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity in a home office, create spaces that are effortlessly comfortable, or just make your day-to-day activities a little easier, choosing furniture and accessories with built-in technology and tech-supportive elements can help. Shop Copenhagen online or in-store for more tech-forward options.