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Blissful Comfort, Enduring Style: Why Stressless® Recliners Are Among the Best

Whether we’re working, playing, or relaxing, we spend much of our lives sitting down. Unfortunately, lesser-quality chairs can make these activities less joyful and create or worsen pain. With so many recliners on the market, the choices can be dizzying. But when it comes to comfort, customizability, and durability, no one beats Stressless® recliners by Ekornes, proudly sold at Copenhagen. Read on to discover why this Norwegian brand is among the most sold recliners in the world.

Engineered for Comfort

Have you ever sat in a recliner that was comfortable in one position, but uncomfortable once you shifted? Or perhaps you’ve had a chair that was high in softness, but low on support, maybe even worsening your back and neck pain. Stressless® is different because it’s designed from the start to support your body and how it moves.

Each Stressless® recliner begins with a steel frame – shaped for optimal lumbar and head support – in which resilient Flexo springs are suspended. This skeleton is then wrapped in cushy layers of high-density foam and supported on a wooden base made from 32 layers of beechwood.

Superior engineering makes the chair ergonomic in any position. “What makes this chair so unique is how it moves with your body,” says Soren Teilmann, veteran Copenhagen salesman who retired this year after almost 50 years in the business. “The lumbar support adjusts as you recline, changing its position to where it should be for maximum comfort and support… It’s never too tight or too loose.” Indeed, the American Chiropractic Association itself endorses Stressless® – an endorsement only given to a select few products after stringent review.

Stressless® recliners also come with features for leg support and sleep. Each recliner includes your choice of a separate adjustable footstool or attached footrest. The footstool glides forward and back to follow the angle of your legs, whereas the footrest is mechanically controlled and built into chairs that come with a power recline option. There’s also a sleep mode that uses a simple hand motion to shift the headrest so you can lie flat for a nap. This is a chair truly designed for full-body comfort.

Customize It Your Way

With a wide array of materials, colors, and styles, you don’t have to worry about Stressless® clashing with your home or office. Choose from 14 style variations, with 3 of the most popular being the Mayfair, Wing, and Consul. The Mayfair has an extra-plush padded feel, while the Wing has a winged headrest for a businesslike silhouette. The Consul is a more affordable option with a classic look.

You can get your Stressless® recliner upholstered in leather or fabric, though leather is the much more popular option. Stressless® offers 4 grades of leather: Batick, Paloma, Cori, or Noblesse. Batick is the most basic and easy-to-care for, while Noblesse has the most genuine feel that nevertheless requires the highest maintenance. The most popular choice is Paloma, a happy medium between both.

The customizability doesn’t end there. Over 60 color options are available for leather, from traditional Black to bright orange Henna. Three shapes are offered for the base of the chair: Classic, Cross, or Signature. Stressless® recliners come in small, medium, or large, ensuring virtually anybody can find a chair that fits them. You can even add on an arm table!

Stressless® also sells office chairs and dining chairs, so you can experience the same top-notch comfort of a recliner while working or eating. All dining chairs can be modified to have the base of an office chair.

Reputable Past, Sustainable Future

Ekornes, the company that created Stressless®, was founded in Norway in 1934, with a commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Through the decades, it has risen to become Scandinavia’s largest furniture producer. In 1971, Ekornes debuted the Stressless® line of recliners. According to Soren Teilmann, “Stressless® is simply the most sold recliner in the world, available in 40 countries.” The Ekornes dedication to quality means Stressless® chairs can last a lifetime. Teilmann says, “I have had two in my front living room since 1992 and they still look great.” Mark Hames, a longtime Copenhagen sales associate, also stands by Stressless®, praising them as “the leaders in quality, ergonomic seating for the home.”

Ekornes is future-oriented, believing in sustainability, transparency, and the idea that what’s good for your body should also be friendly for the environment. They are proud to use clean energy options such as wood, hydropower, and geothermal power. For instance, leftover woodchips from their manufacturing process are burned to power their factories in Norway. Ekornes has also made significant strides in cutting down their use of electricity and fossil oils.

With the Stressless® reputation for comfort, quality, and integrity, you can feel good – body and mind – about relaxing in a Stressless®. Stop into Copenhagen today to shop our wide selection of Stressless® chairs.