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Jazz Up Your Room with Pendant Lighting

There are few design options that are as iconic and elegant as pendant lighting. Pendants are part artwork and part functional design. They come in a wide variety of styles including ultra modern and more romantic classical options. They can be used effectively in kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas to add warmth and an eye-catching touch.

Classical Pendants

One of the more popular styles of pendant lighting features a tiny globe surrounding the hanging light. The orb is often made of an opaque glass or webbing, which softens the light emanating from the pendant and gives off a more inviting feel. Orbs come in many different sizes ranging from choose from petite styles to larger, more extravagant options.

Cylindrical Pendants

Another common style of pendant lighting is the cylindrical pendant. Cylindrical pendants were created as a nod toward more modern aesthetics. Often made of plain white or black metal, the cylindrical pendant directs light downward and is often used over a table or workspace to create targeted lighting. There are some glass cylinders which allow a small amount of light to seep through the sides while still projecting the majority of the light downward.

Other Designs

Aside from these two popular options, a new wave of pendant lighting features a more decorative approach. Complex metal cages and layered materials come together to form a statuesque pendant. These pendants include small gems, which send fragments of light scattering throughout the room or other variations that disperse light into a unique pattern.

An investment in pendant lighting can completely change the appearance of a room. It makes the room feel more cozy than a plain ceiling light and makes it possible to direct light towards specific parts of the room, while creating a warm ambiance. Copenhagen Living has a large selection of designer pendants ranging from classical to modern designs. View our collection today to see how you can update your living spaces and add value to your home.