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Power Motion 101: A Guide to Powering Up Your Relaxation

Many find basic comfort to be essential, especially in the furniture we utilize every day. Power motion furniture offers that and more – with built-in motors and mechanisms that allow us to adjust various functions electronically. With just the touch of an integrated button, one can quickly and easily find the perfect position for their comfort, increasing relaxation level with little to no effort. Power motion’s custom comfort and ease-of-use makes it a great furniture choice for a variety of spaces – whether you’re upgrading the versatility of your home, needing mobility support, or just wanting to experience true relaxation. Continue reading for the ultimate guide on choosing the right power motion design for your space, style, and function needs.

Made For You: Power Motion is Effortlessly Functional

The main feature that sets power motion furniture apart is its customizable comfort – so determining the type and level of comfort you need is important. For a larger space accommodating multiple people, a sectional with a few reclining seats would work well; power motion sectionals allow for flexible seating arrangements whether you’re entertaining, hosting overnight guests, or enjoying family movie night. The Treviso sectonal features three power motion seats with adjustable footrests and headrests, while the Bennett only has two power motion seats, but includes two USB ports for charging your electronics. Prioritizing what boosts your comfort, such as more reclining space or easy access to essentials, can help ensure you pick the right seating.

Many power motion furnishings now offer a wider variety of functions beyond just reclining – ideal for those that need extra support or desire next-level relaxation. From swiveling functions and lift assistance to independently adjustable headrests and lumbar support, you can instantly increase comfort and lessen physical exertion that could be uncomfortable with chair and recliner models, in particular. As an added benefit, these more high-tech chairs allow those with smaller spaces or fewer inhabitants to experience all that power motion has to offer. For example, the Stressless® Max motion recliner not only has a power motion head, back, and leg rest, but also features Stressless’® Plus™ system, which interprets your body’s movements as you change position to provide increased lumbar support. Available in three sizes, Max is designed to fit in any space and to meet your comfort needs. Similarly, the Rome recliner boasts a three-motor system that controls reclining and footrest functions, lumbar support, and headrest support – all adjustable at the touch of a button. Whatever your space size and needs, there’s a power motion furnishing for you.

Power Motion Furniture for Every Style

Gone are the days when power motion furnishings were few and far between, frequently limited to bulkier options that disrupted the aesthetics of a room. Modern-day power motion designs seek to enhance the look of any space and come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Here is where one should ask the next important questions – Where do I want this power motion piece to go? And what type of look speaks to me the most?

If you’re looking to revamp your entire living space or create an intimate space for conversation, then a power motion sectional with a curved end or chaise is a good choice. The Gaia sectional has two power motion seats and a trapezoid-shaped peninsula, offering plenty of room for multiple people. Gaia’s mustard upholstery and metropolitan look is perfect for those looking for a pop of color and who appreciate a variety of design styles. To simply add more seating space – or to furnish a home theater, then a large power motion chair could be a better choice; the Tammy power chair's structured look evokes a traditional yet updated design style that can complement a variety of environments. If you prefer a more contemporary look, the Italian-made Jordan chair offers a wide, elegant low seat and built-in USB port for the ultimate in relaxation.

To incorporate power motion in a nursery or reading nook, we suggest a slimmer recliner like the Brighton. With the ability to transform from a swivel chair to full-body recliner, Brighton is easily adjustable and available in multiple colors. Similarly, the Stressless® Mike motion recliner features a soothing rocking motion – perfect for any lounging activity. These types of power motion recliners come in a variety of design styles, like Brighton’s classic Danish look, but are easy to cozy up with blankets and other accessories.

Expand Your Comfort Zone – Power Motion Beyond Seating

Now that you’ve discovered all the advantages of power motion seating, imagine how incorporating power furniture into other frequently used areas can benefit you and your spaces.

Elevate your office and workday with a power motion lift-desk that makes finding your ideal work positions easy, sitting or standing. These types of desks encourage movement and benefit your productivity, with some like the Sequel 20 even including a programmable keypad that saves your favorite positions. For next-level technology, the Motion executive desk has a power motion lift function that can be controlled via Bluetooth on your mobile device – and be programmed to send reminders to change position. Incorporating power motion desks into your workspace can promote better posture, boost energy, and keep you comfortable longer.

For a better night’s sleep, power-motion bases can be added under compatible mattresses so that you can find the perfect sitting or sleeping position, helping to ease muscle pain and ensure restful sleep. Copenhagen carries adjustable power bases in a variety of mattress sizes and compatible mattresses like the Ottawa and Stressless® Sky so you can fully customize your bed. For even more cutting-edge comfort, consider the world’s only electronically adjustable mattress with built-in movement mechanisms – Malia. Fitting any type of bed frame, this mattress eliminates the need for a separate base with its integrated mechanism and has a split structure so two people can choose their ideal sleep position separately.

Extendable dining tables are always a good choice for upgrading a dining space, but power motion technology can take this one step further. The electric power mechanism in the Karsten high rise dining table allows you to adjust its height from table to counter and everything in between. A dining table with power lift can mitigate the need for additional furniture for those with a smaller space, and support a variety of entertaining, eating, and crafting needs, creating a seamless and comfortable experience.


Ushering in a new era of convenience and personalized comfort, power motion furniture can promote your well-being, increase accessibility, and elevate your home, transforming it into a space that adapts to everyone’s individual needs. Copenhagen’s wide variety of power motion options gives you the opportunity to increase your comfort in any room of your home.