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9 Quick Tips for Bedroom Design

Bella Ruggente bedroom by Alf Italia

Did you know that the world’s oldest known bedding is 200,000 years old and was unearthed in South Africa in 2020? This rudimentary bedding consisted of sheaves of grass mixed with ash and placed in the back of a cave to form a prehistoric sleeping space. As humanity evolved, a plethora of bed designs developed, but sleeping spaces were still often shared communally. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the idea of the individual bedroom came into fruition, spurred by the changing architecture and floorplans of wealthy European houses.

Today, the bedroom is often considered an essential space in the home, a place one retreats to for much-needed rest, relaxation, privacy, and contemplation. As such, your bedroom should speak to you, and be designed in a way that makes it as restorative as possible.

For Graciela Soto, a sales associate at Copenhagen San Antonio, helping clients furnish and design their bedrooms is one of the most meaningful parts of her job. “I love working with customers and providing them with the best service I can,” she says, “and when customers come to me for help with bedroom furniture and design, it feels like they are trusting me with a special place in their homes, and therefore, their lives.”

For those of us looking to revamp our bedrooms, or simply to add a few touches that make the space more inviting, here are 9 tips for wherever you are on your bedroom design journey – plus Soto’s personal furniture recommendations.

1. Start with a statement.

If you’ve decided to build your bedroom from square one, it helps to begin with a focal point. Since most of us consider our bed to be the star of our sleeping space, try choosing a statement bed you love and using its design elements to guide your choices for complementary furniture and accessories. One of Soto’s favorite beds is the Nelson by Cattelan Italia. “The Nelson Bed features soft rounded lines and a leather headboard to provide a sense of balance, tranquility, and luxury,” she explains. “Its tones of soft cream and warm walnut wood let it pair easily with companion pieces like the Rio Small Side Table, also in walnut, or the Biagio Nightstand, in light titanium with a floating drawer.”

2. Embrace symmetry.

To add a sense of harmony to your bedroom that soothes you the moment you walk in, try a symmetrical layout. Having your bed centered in the space, with matching nightstands and lamps flanking each side, is a popular choice. Equal space on either side of the bed also facilitates access and use for both partners if you share a bed. You may also like playing around with symmetry in bedroom accessories – try placing identical throw pillows on each side of the bed or hanging wall art in symmetrical or regular arrangements.

3. Layer lighting.

Multiple light sources in your bedroom create a warm and cozy feeling that you can customize according to your needs. For instance, a table lamp on a nightstand provides a smaller and more focused area of illumination ideal for bedtime reading or for amplifying the light cast by a floor lamp or ceiling fixture. Soto recommends the Contour Table Lamp for a piece that is both unique and versatile – “With a walnut wood finish and open rectangular frame, Contour is chic and minimalist.” For a more classic look, you may enjoy the Linda Table Lamp, featuring a brushed steel base and matching grey fabric shade.

Or, try a bed or nightstand with integrated LEDs for gentle mood lighting. The Bella Clara Bed has LEDs built into its headboard that enhance the luxurious feel of the rippled walnut wood and quilted eco-leather. Similarly, the Gala Nightstand sports a retro-inspired design with grooved walnut veneer and an LED strip in its back panel to light up your late nights.

If you’re not looking for a standalone lamp but still want some mood lighting, hanging string lights can be all it takes to transform your bedroom ambiance.

4. Gravitate toward intuitive design.

Intuitively designed bedroom furniture that maximizes your ability to relax is a great investment. BDI’s Linq bedroom collection is made with this goal in mind, from dressers built to prevent tip-over, to nightstands with sliding tabletops that keep bedside items in easy reach. The Up-Linq Bed has innovation built into every part of its design, including charging stations in its headboard, an angled inner frame that facilitates bed-making, and a cushioned, adjustable-height platform.

5. Rugs are rad.

For some of us, the prospect of stepping out of warm blankets and onto a cold floor on a winter morning can make it even more difficult to get out of bed. This is just one of many reasons why a rug is a sound choice for your bedroom – placing a rug under your bed with enough clearance on either side will give you a soft surface to stand on, add a style accent, and brighten your room. Soto’s personal favorite is the Sassi Rug – “This contemporary rug is woven with subtle white and taupe tones that make any bedroom feel more inviting and elegant,” she says. Or, treat yourself to the plush, high pile of the Aspen Alta Rug, made of durable polypropylene with a cloudlike softness.

6. Optimize your organization.

A clutter-free space is essential for reducing stress and finding what you need when you need it. Copenhagen’s dressers, chests, and nightstands – many sold in matching sets – make it easy to organize clothing and personal items in style. “I love the Absolute Dresser,” Soto says. “Its six drawers have push-to-open mechanisms, and each drawer conceals a fabric design inside. The minimalist grey exterior can match many bedrooms, while the drawer linings are customizable with your choice of fabric.”

A common obstacle to a tidy bedroom is the question of where to put already-worn clothes that don’t need to be laundered yet, or where to stash your favorite cozy layers. One potential solution is a clothing ladder placed next to your closet, or a rack like the Killian, whose sleek form and angled pegs help keep clothing off the floor.

7. Experiment with texture.

For Soto, adding a blend of textures and materials to your bedroom creates an environment that is stylish, varied, and restorative. She loves the Bella Ruggente collection that includes a bed and nightstand made with fluted walnut, gold lacquer, eco-stone, and eco-leather. “Bella Ruggente’s textured wood beautifully complements the dynamic warmth of the gold lacquer and the cooler tones of the stone to create a rich feel,” she explains.

Accessories and bedding are another great way to texturize your bedroom. Try a chunky knit throw blanket or a jacquard weave art pillow to jazz up your bed, or a textured figurine like the Dotted Sitting Bird for a charming accent.

8. Add an accent chair.

Sometimes you need a comfortable spot other than your bed to sit and relax in your bedroom. An accent chair placed in a corner or by a window adds the perfect touch. Soto recommends the Paola – “Perfect for a reading nook, the Paola Chair offers a rounded shape with a backrest that curves organically, allowing you to sink in and unwind.”

9. Don’t forget the window treatments.

Often an overlooked part of bedroom design, window treatments play an essential role by letting us choose the amount of outside light we want to let in. Because a dark environment is necessary for us to fall asleep faster and experience better sleep, a pair of blackout curtains can go a long way toward more restful nights. You may also enjoy sheer curtains – their translucent fabric can let in natural light but still offer a more private feel.


Though the idea of the bedroom is a relatively new one in human history, the role our bedrooms play in offering us a peaceful sanctuary cannot be overstated. If you’re looking to create a bedroom you’ll absolutely love, visit your local Copenhagen to chat with our stellar sales and design staff and explore the possibilities.