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4 Tips for Turning Your Home into a Staycation Retreat This Summer

Stressless® Recliner

Summer is here and though some might be stepping onto international flights or taking a cross-country road trip, many of us have professional and personal obligations that keep us at home. Our homes, for all their familiarities, may have more to offer than we think.

Staycations have increased in popularity over the years, as they involve less travel and jetlag, less noisy crowds, more opportunities to support local businesses and save PTO. Investing in your home’s furnishings and décor can help make it a retreat that you never want to leave – and one you won’t have to. Whether you’re longing for more time to relax or are excited to host summer get-togethers, we have four suggestions for making your home staycation ready. Read on for tips and recommendations from Crystal Wedge, a sales associate at Copenhagen Scottsdale.

Refresh and Restore

The most important aspect of any vacation is relaxation, but it’s also the most difficult to obtain. Work can take a toll on the mind and body and make it harder to relax at the end of the day. Find relaxation in your everyday surroundings by creating a space in your home that brings rest and rejuvenation, which can be a vacation in itself.

“Creating designated spaces that are inviting and encourage an aura of tranquility is the first thing I prioritize when vacationing at home,” says Wedge. “You want your surroundings to do the work for you, so that relaxing feels almost effortless.”

If your favorite spot to decompress is the bedroom, then consider amping up its coziness with an upholstered bed like the Moore. Upholstered headboards offer a comfortable backrest for reading, watching TV, and any other relaxing activities you enjoy. We also suggest reinforcing your sense of comfort and security with the right accessories. A rug with a high pile height like the Westlake has a plush feel that you can sink your feet into, imbuing your space with a calming mood.

If the living room is your usual oasis, then Wedge suggests accessorizing it with “calming colors like blue, purple, and grey.” These cooler tones can be powerful and symbolic, with hues that are gentler on the eyes and help to soothe stress. For your main furniture, Wedge stresses the importance of “including furniture pieces that allow you to put your feet up and get comfortable, such as a power recliner or chair and ottoman.” A Stressless® recliner like the Mayfair is an obvious choice, with its amply padded back and continuous head and lower back support.

Be Entertainment Ready

If your staycation involves hosting family or entertaining friends, set yourself up for success by adding touches that make your home feel like a resort.

“To help with entertaining guests, I love to use a buffet or bar to allow guests to help themselves to drinks and appetizers,” Wedge says. To focus on being refreshment-ready, a smaller, practical bar like the Corridor is the best choice. For a bigger crowd and bigger food spread, the Focus sideboard provides more storage and serving space.

But let’s not minimize the importance of good conversation. Wedge emphasizes, “It’s important to create seating areas that encourage conversation when entertaining. Groups of comfortable chairs accompanied by unique accent tables work great!” Pair an open, inviting chair design such as the Barry, with the Galaxy cocktail table, which serves as both a stunning conversation starter and a functional centerpiece. Pieces that are comfortable and stylish give you and your guests the best of both worlds.

Maximize the Multifunctional

Versatile furniture pieces that accommodate multiple needs are your best friend for setting up a space that can function for play, work, and everything in between.

Picture this: You’re engrossed in the climactic chapter of a new book, when you realize you haven’t had a sip of water in two hours. The kitchen is not too far away, but you don’t want to escape the world you’ve entered. Luckily, you don’t have to. A multifunctional coffee table like the Cloud 9 already has everything you need, from your drink resting on its spacious tabletop, to the sequel to your current read safety nestled in its lined storage compartment. You keep your current position and read on; your relaxed state uncompromised.

If visiting family decides to join in on your staycation fun, you can be prepared with a sofa sleeper such as Jill. With one simple pull-open mechanism, this sofa is transformed into a cozy bed and ready to comfortably sleep your guests. Add in an ottoman that also functions as storage for extra blankets, and all the hard work is done for you. Whatever your needs are, multifunctional furniture can fulfill them, in more ways than one.

Texturize and Accessorize

Place the finishing touches on your staycation retreat with accessories and textures that bring in visual, cultural, or natural elements of your favorite places you’ve traveled, or would like to travel to.

“Adding greenery to a room will help to bring the outdoors in and have a soothing effect on your space,” Wedge says. If you’re worried about plant up-keep, Copenhagen offers a variety of artificial pieces that evoke different tropical paradises. And a detailed ceramic plant pot like Eva will brighten up your space even without fresh flowers – its whimsical painted lines feel effortlessly natural.

If you’re missing the spray of sea salt, the Meduse Vase, with its earth-toned texture and sea creature-like folds, will make you feel right by the ocean. Pair it with the Waves wall art to bring in the coolness of a stormy day and hear the echo of churning waves all without leaving your house.

As a final tip, Wedge offers her personal suggestions for making your home feel resort-like: “Soft textures that are made of natural materials, such as a Mohair blanket are a great addition for a relaxing space. And a new set of oversized bath towels always makes me feel like I’m on vacation!”


Staying home during the summer doesn’t have to feel monotonous. With just a few accessory and furniture updates, true relaxation and companionable get-togethers can be yours, and staycations will become a new treasured vacation choice.