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Most Versatile BDI Desks for Your Modern Office

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Do you feel like it’s time to revamp your home office? Are you constantly running out of room on your desk, or feel like you’re drowning in wires and cables? Do you wish your desk could intuit your needs, or even help you to be healthier?

Enter BDI. Founded in 1984, this US-based company creates modern furniture for home and office. But what sets them apart is their commitment to intelligent, elegant, and user-friendly design. BDI desks come equipped with a range of features like flip-down drawers, cable management systems, and even adjustable height. Better yet, many are available at your local Copenhagen. Read on to discover your next perfect desk.

Linea Desk

Achieve a clean and minimalist look with the Linea Desk. Cutout legs provide an airy silhouette, while the dark wood blends into virtually any office environment. You’ll love the extra-wide drawer with plenty of room to fit a keyboard, office supplies, and other essentials. Discreet cutouts in the back of the desk help manage cables, while, beneath the desk, a hidden compartment with a drop-down shelf is the perfect place to keep a power strip out of the way.

Need a place to stash files? Pair this desk with the Linea Mobile File Pedestal. The clever wheeled design allows you to move your files around so they can always be at hand. Also try the Linea Multifunction Cabinet, with wider drawers and a cabinet that can fit a printer. And if you want to display books or knickknacks, choose the Linea Shelf to round out your look.

Sequel 20 Desk

Spread out and give your ideas free rein with the spacious Sequel 20 Desk, perfect for a setup with multiple monitors. Feel the satin-etched glass tabletop for a unique silkysmooth texture. Flip down the front portion of the drawer to accommodate a keyboard or flip it back up to use as a traditional drawer. Like the Linea, the Sequel 20 Desk has hidden cutouts and an out-of-the-way compartment with a drop-down shelf to help fight cable clutter.

If you need matching office storage – and lots of it – the Sequel 20 line has you covered. Pair this desk with the Sequel 20 3-Drawer File CabinetLateral File Cabinet, and Multifunction Cabinet for all your office needs. These pieces are all the same height, so they can sit next to each other seamlessly.

Corridor Desk

Make a bold statement and bring a touch of nature indoors with the Corridor Desk. This desk features soft-close, wood-front drawers carved in parallel lines to add texture and visual interest to your workspace. Like the Sequel 20, the Corridor desk has a center drawer with a flip-down front so you can type in comfort. Two additional side drawers provide extra space while the ultra-roomy glass tabletop helps you tackle multiple projects. A cord storage well with a tasteful cover helps keep cables neat.

You can also go for the ultimate in spaciousness and storage with the Corridor L-Desk. This system features an attached credenza with side cabinets outfitted in the signature Corridor pattern of carved wooden lines. You’ll love the customizability of the adjustable shelves in the side compartments. You can also remove the shelves to create room for a printer or shredder. The L-Desk’s best-kept secret? The bottom-most shelf slides out and can hold up to 30 pounds while extended!

Still need more storage? Try the matching Corridor Mobile File Cabinet to keep files and supplies nearby and easily moveable.

Centro Lift Desk

By this time, we’vall heard of the negative effects associated with sitting too long. But most of us, out of preference or physical limitations, don’t want to stand at our desks for eight hours straight. Enter the Centro Lift DeskWith the touch of a button, you can adjust this desk to your desired height from anywhere between 24.5”-50.” Top-notch engineering allows you to customize desk height by tenths of an inch, while a concealed shelf helps you hide a power strip. Centro comes in an elegant satin white finish and is available in your choice of a smaller or larger version. 

Soma Compact Desk

Looking for the ultimate in space-saving versatility? The Soma Compact Lift Desk has a minimalist, rounded design perfect for converting even a small corner into a home office. A rounded front edge makes typing easier on your wrists, while a pneumatic, height-adjustable column lets you switch between sitting and standing. Because this desk is power-free, you can place and re-arrange it anywhere within your space without worrying about outlets. With larger and executive-sized versions, and matching coffee and console tables, the Soma collection embodies the future of ergonomic, multifunctional design for both office and home.

If you’re searching for a desk to fit your busy lifestyle or revamp your space, stop into Copenhagen today to view our selection of BDI desks and storage.