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An Inside Look into Copenhagen’s Special Ordering Process

woman creating special order furniture

Whether you’re struggling to find a recliner that matches your design aesthetic or in a years-long search for the perfect size and color dining table for your home, special ordering can be the perfect solution for you. At Copenhagen, special orders are custom ordered, made-for-you variations of items we carry in our showrooms – offered by many of the manufacturers we stock, including Stressless®, BDI, and Elite Modern.

“Copenhagen offers a comprehensive inventory of furnishings, art, and accessories that are in-stock and available for immediate purchase. But clientele desiring specific requirements – whether they wish to adapt a product configuration, change the finish, or choose an item in their favorite color – may find special ordering helpful in catering to their needs,” says Maurice Brantley, a sales associate and interior designer at Copenhagen Tucson.

To help you determine if special ordering is the right choice for you, we talked with Brantley about who might benefit most and what the process looks like, as well as some examples of special-order options Copenhagen provides.

Determining Your Design and Function Needs

First, we suggest thinking about the specific considerations you have when it comes to buying furniture, and what needs haven’t been met by what’s immediately available. Is your main concern creating a cohesive aesthetic in your home? Ordering matching colors of furniture can help with that. Are your needs more structure and space based? You can configure a sectional piece by piece or order a smaller length of a table.

Brantley suggests when special ordering is particularly beneficial: “Oftentimes, someone will be attracted to a particular item because of appearance or functional comfort, but not necessarily the size, finish, or color we offer in-stock.”

So, if you already enjoy certain aspects of an item, then customizing it with your favorite color or ideal size ensures that it’s “uniquely tailored just for you,” finishes Brantley. If an item doesn’t appeal to you in any way, then browsing a different style might be the better next step rather than special ordering.

Making Your Custom Choice

Once you’ve settled on special ordering, it’s time to look at your options. Copenhagen has a wide gallery of wood, fabric, leather, and frame samples from various brands in our showrooms, ensuring you have the materials you need to make the right choice. Our sales associates are also available to help you every step of the way, whether you have questions about material durability or need a room layout created with Floorplanner to help you visualize.

One of the most customizable brands we carry is Stressless®, which offers their recliners with different wood types, base styles, sizes, and colors.

“Copenhagen is fortunate to stock hundreds of Stressless® recliners in popular colors that can be purchased and picked up or delivered very quickly. But the vast array of leather and fabrics that Stressless® offers makes their products a great special-order option,” Brantley asserts. “Their popular Mayfair model is a great example, because we have the ability to order it with a Classic or Signature base, and with power motion technology, all in the size that fits you best.”

Additionally, we carry many Italian-made manufacturers that pride themselves on tailoring products to each client’s needs. Ego Italiano creates products that are completely customizable, from covering to details to functions, offering 11 types of leather and various configuration layouts.

Another special-orderable brand is Elite Modern, whose barstools are a particular favorite of Brantley’s.

“They’re exceptionally fine and diverse in style. We’re currently featuring them in our showrooms with a carbon base and Samson fabric, but Elite offers a myriad of base metals, fabric, and leather options to choose from.”

Placing and Receiving Your Order

As special orders cannot be returned, it’s important to ensure you’ve chosen the furniture that’s right for you. Once you’ve made your design choice with the help of our associates, placing your order is easy.

Since a special order is made to order, manufacturing and delivery times are longer than those for stocked items. Wait times will vary depending on the brand, but our associates will provide you with an estimated lead time before purchase and contact you with any updates thereafter. And while you wait, Brantley suggests working with your sales associate to choose “additional items that will enhance your special-order selection.”

“Copenhagen offers a variety of beautiful accessories and art that can ‘complete the look,’ and accent the style of your other furniture,” he says. This ensures that when your order arrives, everything in your space is ready to embrace it.

You can count on being notified as soon as your order arrives, and scheduling pick-up or delivery can be done online, in-store, or over the phone.

Special orders open a realm of design possibility and allow you to customize your space and aesthetic in any way you like. Your dream furniture is out there – Copenhagen is here to help you find it.

To learn more about our special-order options, call one of our locations or visit in-store.