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Brand Spotlight: Art de Vivre, a New Line of Luxury Mattresses

Art de Vivre Ottawa mattress

“The art of life begins with a good night’s sleep.” This is the slogan of Literie Laurier’s new mattress collection, Art de Vivre (French for “art of life”) – and it’s aptly said. Sleep doesn’t just rest your body – it’s been shown to benefit everything from mood to memory to immune function, and it all starts with a quality mattress.

Few people know this better than François St-Pierre, Sales Vice President of Literie Laurier, whose family has owned and operated the company since its founding in 1938. “We have been a family business for three generations,” he says, “and I use secrets passed down to me by my grandfather and father to design the best mattresses on the market.”

Made with state-of-the-art design and premium nontoxic materials certified by Certi-PUR-US, Literie Laurier’s Art de Vivre collection features five mattresses – Vancouver, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec, and Toronto – that proudly showcase Canadian heritage and quality. What’s more, Copenhagen’s exclusive partnership with Literie Laurier means that Copenhagen is the only place in the American Southwest where you can buy Art de Vivre mattresses.

Read on to meet each mattress in the Art de Vivre collection and learn what makes it so dreamy.



St-Pierre says, “From the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean to the design district and fine cuisine, Vancouver has everything.” Evoking the rugged spirit of western Canada, the Vancouver mattress has an extra-firm feel that will give you maximal support night after night. Indeed, St-Pierre refers to this mattress as having “hotel-level construction,” designed with top-notch durability.

Encased in plaid fabric, the Vancouver features two layers of high-density memory foam over an impressive 1,296 eight-inch pocket coils. These coils are zoned to provide additional support to the center of your body, and are surrounded by another layer of dense foam to hold their structure.

Vancouver may be for you if: You want to relieve pressure points while also supporting your body with the feel of an extra-firm mattress.


Named after the Canadian capital, the Ottawa mattress features a top layer of 100% Talalay latex, a premium natural material extracted from the sap of rubber trees. “In the mattress industry,” St-Pierre says, “latex is considered the best component for making a mattress high-end.”

With latex’s trademark “active response,” the Ottawa provides a uniquely firm and resilient feel, further enhanced by the antimicrobial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic properties of this remarkable material. Included with a plaid cover, the Ottawa has two additional layers of high-density foam underneath its latex layer for extra support.

Ottawa may be for you if: You want to sleep on a natural mattress or have health concerns about other mattresses; you enjoy a firm, flexible, and springy feel.


Named after the largest French-speaking city in Canada, Montréal has five layers of foam, featuring a special ventilated layer that is a hybrid of memory foam and latex. While memory foam has a “passive” feel that lets you sink down into it, latex has an “active” quality that St-Pierre says “will pop you back up the moment you are in contact with it.” The combined traits of foam and latex give the Montréal a semi-firm feel, or one that can also be described as the sweet spot between semi-firm and plush.

Clad in a houndstooth slipcover, Montréal has three additional tiers of firmer foam to support its hybrid layer. Of particular note is a layer of high-density convoluted foam, featuring a ridged “egg crate” design to improve breathability and isolate motion.

Montréal may be for you if: You want to sleep cooler and drier; you find plush mattresses too soft but firm or semi-firm ones too hard.


Named after the capital of French-speaking Canada, the Québec mattress has six layers that include memory foam, coils, and high-density foam that combine to give you a plush, “cocooning” feel. Of note is a unique Nanocoil layer made of 1,764 short springs that mold to your body to keep you comfortable all night.

Included with a houndstooth slipcover, Québec also features a top layer of ventilated memory foam with “a gel infusion that opens the cells in the foam, so it circulates air and stays fresh,” according to St-Pierre. A lower zone of 1,008 pocket coils provides additional flexibility, with reinforcement to support the center of your body.

Québec may be for you if: You want to relieve body pressure while sleeping cool and dry on a soft yet supportive mattress.


The Toronto mattress, says St-Pierre, is named after “the largest city in Canada, with its mix of cultures & architectures.” With seven layers that include a mix of hybrid memory foam, classic foam, and springs, the Toronto mattress has an ultra-soft and luxurious feel perfect for recharging from the hustle and bustle of the city, or for anyone who wants, as St-Pierre describes it, “a cocooning sensation with a touch of love.”

Available with an elegant houndstooth slipcover, the Toronto is constructed similarly to the Québec, with a Nanocoil comfort zone sandwiched between layers of plush foam that are ventilated to keep you cool. Underneath sits an additional layer of 1,008 pocket coils designed with extra center support.

Toronto may be for you if: You want to reduce pressure points, sleep cooler, and love an extra-plush mattress you can sink into and be embraced by.

As a bonus, all Art de Vivre mattresses except Vancouver are compatible with power bases, so you can use them on your adjustable bed for even more comfort.

Of course, when it comes to mattresses, words can only do partial justice – nothing compares to lying on a mattress and experiencing it for yourself. If you’re in need of a new mattress, or just want to discover the possibilities that a good night of sleep can offer, stop into your local Copenhagen to try our exclusive line of Art de Vivre mattresses. Infused with Canadian heritage and the spirit of a family-owned business, Art de Vivre will bring the next level of comfort and quality to your bedroom, night after night.