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This Is Why a Harlequin Should Be Your Next Mattress

Harlequin Malia mattress

Imagine your mattress. Now imagine your mattress could actively adjust its form to support your comfort and health, as well as enhance almost any activity you do from your bed. With the Harlequin mattress from premier Canadian mattress company Literie Laurier, imagination becomes reality.

Ask François St-Pierre, Sales Vice President of Literie Laurier, and he’ll tell you why the Harlequin is not just another adjustable bed. “Harlequin,” he says, “is the only mattress that articulates with no power base – the technology is inside the mattress. It is designed to fit on any type of bed.” While other adjustable beds require you to buy a separate movable base, Harlequin lets you keep your existing bed setup – simply swap out your mattress for the Harlequin and start discovering the possibilities of blissful sleep.

A Legacy of Comfort

As a family-owned and operated business established in 1938, Literie Laurier has outfitted hotels, hospitals, and countless homes across Canada with top-notch mattresses. St-Pierre, whose family founded Literie Laurier, says, “I use secrets passed down to me by my grandfather and father to design the best mattresses on the market.” Indeed, not only are Literie Laurier mattresses locally manufactured in Montréal, they’re made exclusively with Certi-PUR-US certified foam to ensure non-toxicity and high performance, as well as FSC-certified latex and wood.

Read on for a deeper dive into the unique features of the Harlequin mattress, available at Copenhagen in two models, Malia and Pierrot – and sold exclusively at Copenhagen in the American Southwest.

Strong on the Inside, Cool on the Outside

Inside the Harlequin rests a powerful motor with 6000 Newton torque that enables the mattress to move and articulate on any bed – no power base needed. Capable of elevating the head to 60 degrees and the legs to 38 degrees, this motor is ultra-quiet so you can adjust your position without disturbing your bed partner.

On the outside, the Harlequin is clad in state-of-the-art COOLER® fabric, perfect for those who sleep hot. Made of polyethylene woven with eco-friendly active carbon and coated with cooling gel, the COOLER® fabric not only regulates temperature and wicks away moisture, it also resists static electricity and electromagnetic pollution. Better yet, you can feel the cooling effect even through sheets and mattress protectors.

Ergonomic and Versatile Positioning

Besides its default Flat position, the Harlequin comes with six pre-set positions designed to maximize your comfort and relieve sleep-related aches and pains. An included Bluetooth remote lets you cycle through different positions, or individually adjust the angle of your head and legs until they feel just right. Harlequin’s specialized positions are:

Zero Gravity: “This is the ultimate sensation,” St-Pierre says. “The mattress raises your head and knees, but not your feet, to give your body a floating feeling.” But Zero Gravity is more than just a pleasant sensation – it aligns your body so that your knees are higher than your heart, resulting in a variety of health benefits.

By alleviating pressure in your spinal discs and legs, the Zero Gravity position can ease back pain, neck pain, and heavy leg syndrome. And because the heart, lungs, and stomach are positioned optimally, you can also experience improved circulation, decreased gastric reflux, and perhaps most palpably – a feeling of total body relaxation and stress relief.

Anti-Snore: This position lifts the head at a slight angle to open the airways, reduce pressure on the lungs, and combat snoring. By allowing you to breathe easier, the Anti-Snore position can also benefit sinus congestion, asthma, and sleep apnea.

Lumbar Stretch: This function first raises the head and knees to a V-shape, then slowly flattens the mattress to stretch out the spine. According to St-Pierre, “The sleeper will feel 2 inches taller after doing this exercise!”

Reading: This position lifts your head to a comfortable angle for those who love to read in bed.

Sitting: In the Sitting position, your knees are lifted and your head is raised almost fully upright so you can watch TV or work from the comfort of your mattress.

Sleeping: Harlequin’s unique Sleeping position subtly elevates the head and knees to help your body sleep more comfortably. Individually customizable for back, side, and stomach sleepers, the Sleeping position reduces pressure on the hips and neck while properly aligning the spine. St-Pierre says, “What is spectacular about the Sleeping position is that you think you’re flat but you’re not! With Harlequin, you will never sleep flat again.”

Even More Ways to Customize Your Comfort

Copenhagen offers two models of the Harlequin mattress: Malia and Pierrot. The Malia comes in a split king configuration that lets each sleeper choose their unique positioning without having to compromise (though standard king and queen sizes are also available to special order). Malia is also offered with either a latex or microgel comfort layer, with latex offering an “active” response with a springy and semi-firm feel, and microgel offering a plusher feel with ventilated, gel-infused memory foam.

The Pierrot model has a unique blend of ventilated nano latex over a layer of Talalay latex, supported by a base of high-resilience foam for an overall semi-firm feel.

According to St-Pierre, “6 out of 10 customers looking for a new bed are considering an electric bed. Ultimately, 58% will end up buying one.” Market research suggests these numbers will continue to rise. Once associated negatively with hospital beds, adjustable beds are experiencing a revival as customers discover their versatile features that support the varying needs of their body and lifestyle.

Visit your local Copenhagen today to try our Harlequin mattresses and discover how their unique mechanics, blissful feel, and top-tier ergonomics can help you not only sleep, but live, better.