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Our Design Philosophy

Clean Design

To put it simply, Copenhagen believes that clean design is more sophisticated than heavy ornamentation. A chair is beautiful for the simple, supportive function it performs, and this beauty is defined and enhanced by the lines that create the design and the materials that compose the chair. Place the chair on a pedestal, and it becomes a sculpture. Place it in your home, and it becomes an integral part of everyday life.

Functional Art for your Living Space

Each piece of furniture we carry is functional art. Every product in our showrooms has been carefully selected for its design elements and value, and must be of superior quality and workmanship to be added to our collection. The Copenhagen collection is unique, and for those with a passion for design, it is an attentively cultivated and inspiring source of design with both practical and aesthetic value.

The Copenhagen Difference

Shopping at Copenhagen is not your usual retail experience. We are here to ensure that you will experience a refreshing retail environment in all of our showrooms and that you will find furniture that is artistic, functional, and, most importantly, suitable for your lifestyle and living space.

Please come by soon to become part of the Copenhagen community. We look forward to working with you!

In Loving Memory of Our Founders

As Copenhagen enters its 54th year in business, we honor the memory of Copenhagen’s co-founders Erik Hansen and Tony Christensen, whose vision, passion, and dedication created the vibrant organization Copenhagen is today.

Tony M. Christensen passed away peacefully on November 28, 2023, leaving behind his wife Jonna, daughter, and two grandsons. Tony’s charismatic and vivacious personality inspired so many, from employees to customers, and we will miss his strong, uplifting presence.

Erik Vinther Hansen passed away on February 12, 2020, after a hard-fought battle against cancer. As has been the case for more than 56 years, his wife Lise was at his side. A devoted husband, loving father and grandfather, dependable friend and respected employer, Erik is missed and remembered always.

Both Erik and Tony’s passion for great design and quality craftsmanship set the stage for Copenhagen’s success as a design destination and continues to inspire the entire Copenhagen team.

A Legacy of Passion & Service

Erik and Tony built their American dream from scratch. They both emigrated from Denmark in the early sixties – Tony to Canada and Erik to St. Thomas – and met in 1967 while working in a Scandinavian furniture store in La Jolla, California. Together, they decided to open their own Danish furniture store in Phoenix, Arizona with their shared knowledge, passion, and expertise. The two became the best of friends and worked tirelessly, breaking the rules of conformity to build a company based upon their passion for contemporary design. This passion is a key reason Copenhagen’s modern aesthetics – rooted in simplicity, practicality and elegance – have now influenced the lives of thousands of loyal customers over these many years. Today, this dedication to contemporary design remains the cornerstone of everything we do at Copenhagen.

Erik and Tony’s legacies live on in everything we do. After 54 years, the company is still proudly owned and operated by the Hansen family. Our unwavering dedication to our mission of service will continue thanks to Erik and Tony’s commitment to hiring and training hard-working, exceptional professionals we now proudly call family. Our employees are the heart of our business.