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Fantastic Foliage: Accessorizing With (Faux) Plants

Three Eva plant pots on a shelf

Whether it’s a bouquet of tulips, a potted succulent, or a lush indoor tree, both real and faux plants add color and freshness to interior spaces that can make a house feel like a home. Linda Birchard, sales associate at Copenhagen Scottsdale, agrees. “The use of plants as a design element has a positive emotional influence on our environment,” she says. “Many studies have shown that plants can elevate mood, ease stress, and generate tranquility.”

If you crave the relaxing effects of greenery in your home but aren’t sure where to start, here is a helpful guide. Read on for tips on deciding between real and faux plants, choosing the placement, type, and number of plants – and Birchard’s recommendations for displaying flowers in style.

Pros & cons of natural vs faux plants

Though both types of plants offer benefits and drawbacks, the best choice for you will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. “Living plants contribute to the vitality and visual appeal of a space and offer therapeutic benefits from a connection to nature,” says Birchard. “On the other hand, if it’s impractical to nurture live plants, artificial plants can still maintain that visual link to nature.”

Indeed, a primary virtue of real plants is their capacity to grow and change over time, which can be rewarding to witness. Many people find it calming and fun to raise houseplants as a hobby and gain a sense of pride from watching their plants flourish. Additionally, studies suggest that natural plants have a stronger ability to boost mood and attention compared to artificial plants – though both have a positive effect.

However, faux plants are not without their benefits. Faux plants need less maintenance than their real counterparts, making them a better choice for people who are busy or prefer easy-care accessories. They can also be made to look highly realistic – and have a longer lifespan than natural plants. Finally, faux plants pose less potential toxicity to pets compared to some natural plants, such as lilies.

Placing your plants

Plants can be displayed on nearly any flat, stable surface in any room of the house – they can function as a centerpiece for your dining table, an accent for a coffee table or bookshelf, a pop of color for a windowsill, and more. “I particularly like using a larger plant to liven up a corner of a room,” Birchard recommends. “A faux option like the Grass Plant is realistic, low-maintenance, and fills up an empty space nicely.”

To be sure, faux plants have more versatility in where they can be placed, whereas if you opt for natural plants, you’ll typically want to set them near a window or under a skylight to receive sun. It’s also advisable to put real plants somewhere you pass by often, like your living room window or next to your front door, so you can remember to water and care for them.

As another note, you can consider planters or vases that can mount on a wall or ceiling – like the Wallflower Face Vase – to save space and add a unique look. Interestingly, some research suggests that the mood-boosting effects of plants are optimized when the plants are closer than 10 feet away from you.

Choosing plants for style impact

Different types of flowers and foliage can create different vibes. For instance, succulents or tropical plants like the Mango Tree add a relaxed, summery feel, while floral bouquets add delicacy and freshness, and a piece like the Birch Divider creates a bold effect.

In terms of size, large plants create a more dramatic impact, though they may not be ideal for compact spaces. Smaller plants are more adaptable for a variety of spaces and are easy to arrange in groups for a stylish look. Try assembling a line or cluster of plants that vary in height, shape, and/or color for a pleasing display.

While there is no “magic number” for how many plants you should have, some studies recommend either five leafy plants, three floral bouquets, or one large plant about five feet tall if you want to experience increased positive emotion.

Vibrant vases and pots with pizzazz

Of course, a plant arrangement isn’t complete without an equally beautiful vessel to display it – whether a whimsical pot for a houseplant, or a crystalline vase for a bouquet of flowers. Just make sure that the vessel you choose is watertight if you plan to use it for natural plants.

When selecting vases and pots, Birchard says, “Size and style are my main considerations. A larger pot is needed for a small indoor tree or a live plant that needs space to develop. Also, think of coordinating pots and vases to the design aesthetic and color palette of the existing space.”

It’s also advisable to match the height and proportions of a vase to the plant arrangement within. For instance, a tall vessel like the Splatter Vase is ideal for long-stemmed plants, while a short vase like the Omaggio Nuovo matches a shorter bouquet. A bud vase like the Sonic can show off one or a few flowers, while the wide mouth of the Hopewell Vase is perfect for full-bodied arrangements.

“I especially love using small vases with wide openings for fresh flowers and herbs,” says Birchard. “My favorites are the Folded Glass Vase and Color Drop Vase for housing live cilantro, basil, and dill.”

As a last note, you may also enjoy using plant stands and pedestals to put a special spotlight on your favorite foliage. “A stand like the Gambia allows elevation for proper sunlight, as well as lending a balanced look to a room,” Birchard advises.


Whether it’s a dozen red roses or a simple burst of green on a dreary day, there’s no denying the positive effect that both real and faux plants can have on our interiors, and by extension, our lives. Birchard eloquently recounts, “During the spring and summer, I like to use a simple piece of colored glass on my cocktail or patio table to float a flower from my yard. A cluster of orange blossoms, some oleander, a fragrant gardenia framed with leaves, or any lovely greenery from an urban garden space is a perfect way to bring the beauty of nature closer.”

Shop Copenhagen’s inspiring collection of vases, bowls, plant pots, faux plants, and pedestals, and start maximizing the greatness of your greenery today.