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Maximizing Your Office: Design Tips for Increasing Work Productivity & Efficiency

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Whether you commute or work from home, cultivating the right office space is just as important to your success as sleep is. Regardless of how dedicated to work someone is, having an office space that is disorganized, chaotic, or cluttered can affect productivity and motivation. We talked with Ryan Lawson, a sales associate at Copenhagen Austin, for design tips and product recommendations on maximizing an office space to its full potential – so that you can meet yours.

1. Work Now – Play later

“A well-designed and comfortable office can increase productivity, allowing you to stay motivated and focused,” starts Lawson. “Putting in the time and effort up-front to create the right workspace will pay dividends over time, both physically and mentally.”

Lawson is right – a variety of public surveys and case studies text is optional; used to override product link show that our workspaces affect our overall well-being. Taking stock of your office now – especially with the arrival of the new year – will save you time and energy.

He adds, “Your surroundings can affect your mood – so when you’re comfortable in your workspace, you’re more likely to be engaged and committed to your tasks and projects. Also, walking into an aesthetically pleasing office is just a great way to begin your workday.”

2. Consider the Size of your Space

What works for a large corporate space may not work for a multiuse office at home, so it’s important to work with the space that you have.

For a smaller office space, Lawson suggests “desks with built-in storage or hidden wire management” as they can “maximize the space you have and help you minimize clutter by hiding cables and other items.”

Less than 50” in length, the Lunada Home Desk is a great space-saving option. It has a keyboard pullout drawer, a power grommet with USB and power outlets, and a magnetic wire management system – giving you everything you need for a productive day in one compact unit.

If you find that you need more storage, Lawson says to “consider vertical storage pieces that take up less square footage” like the Linea Mobile File Pedestal. Its size and mobility allow it to tuck underneath a desk or standalone. Also, a wall-mounted shelf or hutch can further extend your space without impinging on floor space.

Alternatively, if you have a larger office space, it can be easy for clutter to accumulate and cause distractions.

“Try dividing up your workspace by designing certain areas for paperwork, office supplies, electronics, etc.,” Lawson starts. If you notice your workspace becoming cluttered, I suggest setting aside a few minutes at the beginning of each day to clear your desk and put away any loose items.”

Though a large office suite setup is ideal for an executive-level professional, utilizing all that space efficiently is just as important as it is in a smaller office. A piece like the Corridor L-Desk has two storage cabinets and three locking drawers, offering plenty of room for those designated zones Lawson mentioned.

3. Invest in Proper Storage Solutions

Sometimes considered superfluous, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and storage credenzas are just as important as a desk, as they help create a clean-looking space that minimizes stress.

“These storage solutions are vital to maintaining organization and keeping your workspace clutter-free,” Lawson states. “With proper storage, you can easily access whatever documents, supplies, and equipment you need – giving you more time on the task at hand.”

Utilizing a variety of storage furniture can also help keep important items secure – the Sequel 20 Lateral File Cabinet has two lockable file drawers – and display your favorite books, pictures, or accolades, like on the Stiletto Shelf System.

4. Utilize Ergonomic Furniture Wherever Possible

Ergonomic furniture items are designed to increase efficiency by providing comfortable support and multifunctional use.

Incorporating these types of designs will naturally increase the productivity of your office space. From highly adjustable chairs to multifunctional desks and storage units, there’s plenty of options to boost your mood and the flow of your workday.

Lawson suggests an ergonomic office chair like the Onda – “It provides fantastic lumbar support, minimizing physical strain on the body, and offers various adjustable features so you can tailor it your body and needs.”

Lift desks are another great ergonomic option – giving you the ability to adjust your height throughout the day based on your activity or physical needs. The Soma Lift Desk even has a programmable control paddle so you can save your favorite work positions.

5. Incorporate Biophilic Design

As suggested by the ideas behind biophilic design, incorporating natural elements into a space can improve general well-being, reducing stress and improving engagement – all things that can benefit most office spaces.

“Natural light has been shown to improve your mood and reduce eye strain, leading to better focus and concentration,” Lawson states. Placing your desk to face a window, or even incorporating mirrors that reflect sunlight can maximize any daylight available. Alternatively, a highly adjustable LED lamp like the Z-Bar has a dimmable touch switch, so you can adjust the brightness based on your tasks or as the day gets darker.

Bringing in products with wood or wood finishes can also help mimic the outdoors, bringing in a sense of fresh air and boosting your mood. The Corridor Credenza is available in three wood finishes and provides plenty of storage for office essentials. To add a touch of nature to a smaller office space, the Gravity Desk Lamp features a circular walnut structure plus a 106” cord, allowing you to plug in wherever you have an outlet.


Copenhagen’s office collection is comprised of desks, office chairs, and storage items that are designed to support your well-being and productivity. With these tips, you can create the ideal office space – one that feels motivating and always keeps you on task. Shop Copenhagen office furniture online now or visit in-store for more design help.