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Let There Be (LED) Light: The Benefits of Using LED Lighting

When filling a room with physical objects, you typically have a binary choice: either something is in a space, or something is not. Light, however, can be anywhere and in varying gradations, necessitating a different design approach to select from the wide variety of options available – bright light, soft light, natural light, white light, and more. Additionally, there are accent lights and primary light fixtures to think about. We’re not trying to overwhelm you; we’re just trying to “illuminate” your options when it comes to design and décor!

LED lighting is a fun way to do something different with great results in terms of form and function. At Copenhagen, you know that this is what we love more than anything: design that looks beautiful and functions seamlessly as well. Read on if you are interested in learning how to use LED lighting in your home.

Using LED lighting in your home has several advantages. First, LEDs turn on instantly and have no warm-up period. As soon as you hit the light switch, your room will brighten up and stay at that brightness. This is useful from a design perspective since you get exactly what you see right away. Another noteworthy feature is that you can use LED lights directionally. If you want to only illuminate a certain part of a space, you can cast light in discrete areas and not have it bleed into others.

As you probably know, certain types of lights can wash out colors. Fluorescent lights, for instance, can cast everything in a distinct hue, changing your meticulously selected color scheme and transforming it into something off-colored. LED lights, however, do not wash out colors and allow you to use color in your rooms without worrying about distortion.

And while this is not something every decorator thinks about, LED lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are LED lights energy-efficient with an average lifetime of around 50,000 hours, but they do not contain mercury or other harmful substances found in other types of lights.

While your primary light fixture might not use LEDs, you can consider adding some LED accents to any room. An office desk light, a wall light, or a lamp on a nightstand are all great ways to incorporate LEDs. Some of Copenhagen’s furniture even includes built-in LED lighting, such as bed sets with illuminated headboards. With form and function coming together, LED lighting can really brighten up a space in a visually striking way.

Want some help with using LED lighting in your space? Contact our team and learn how our stylish furniture can flourish with some bright, playful LED lighting.