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5 Ways to Bring Color Into Your Space

Yellow chair in living room

No matter what your tastes are or how you choose to project your personality into a space, adding color to your home is an important element of interior design. There are, of course, simple ways of introducing color to a space: incorporating a particular hue of wall paint, or a certain shade of throw pillow or vase. There are many other ways to add color to your home, however, and some of them are unexpected. Here are some ideas to inspire you and get you started.

1. Integrate color accents into the living room.

If your living room or family area could benefit from some pizazz by way of colorful furniture, skip the throw pillows and go right for the furniture itself. Look for lounge chairs and ottomans in a number of bright hues that contrast with or complement the colors of your other furniture pieces or artwork. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different colors and textures, and you might find pieces that fit perfectly in your space. Consider an armchair with a light blue textured fabric, or a persimmon red shell chair that can bring out other colors in your room. As you’re shopping for these pieces, ask your sales associate for a sample or swatch, or come ready with photos of your space. Try showing your associate closeups of the different textures and colors in the room, as well as broader shots that capture the range of colors already present in the room.

2. Add some personality to your home office.

Help yourself focus on the task at hand by considering office furniture and accessories that provide a fun pop of color to brighten and complement your workspace. Consider pieces that are unique colors – a deep bluecherry red, or motivating orange – that are sure to stimulate your mind and attention. A purple or green desk lamp is fun and functional, while your favorite colored Hoptimist brings some bounce and cheer. Select colors and pieces that are thought-provoking, inspiring, or stimulating to keep your creativity flowing throughout the workday.

3. Brighten up your bedroom.

The bedroom is a space for rejuvenation and relaxation, so introducing warm earth tones or cool, calming colors can help to augment the relaxing atmosphere of this space. An elegant contemporary bed in cool grey leather upholstery adds subtle color, while also remaining neutral and restful. If you’re looking for something warmer, consider a teak, walnut, or wenge bed frame and dresser set. The graining and natural texture of the wood will bring an added touch of design. One of our favorites is the Nani bed, which incorporates a golden exotic tiger bamboo detail with solid dark bamboo for a dramatic, artistic look.

4. Incorporate color into functional spaces.

Surface areas and storage spaces, like shelving, entry areas, or occasional tables also provide opportunities to infuse some color into a room. Experiment with a bright colored media table that can be placed in any spot you need, or some colorful pillows to accent an entryway bench. Vibrant or bold colors in subtle places can help to create a more unified, intriguing design.

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

If you’re interested in adding color but want pieces that you can easily rotate in and out, accessories are a great place to start. Look for wall art that’ll pack an explosion of color and is sure to become the centerpiece of any room. For tabletop eye-catchers, select vases or glass figures in whichever color will add the perfect finishing touch to your space. Sculptures in a range of colors are also opportunities to add accents to your space that suit your style. Copenhagen carries a wide variety of art, accessories, and furnishings for every room in the home from neutral to bright hues. Check out our selection online or visit us in-store to find the color accents that are just right for your space!