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How to Make a Stunning First Impression with Your Entryway

Terminal console table by Cattelan Italia

Entryway, foyer, vestibule – whatever you call it, this small hallway at the front of your house is most likely the first thing guests see when they come to visit. With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to think about creating a beautiful and functional entryway that will make your guests feel at home instantly.

Will Joffroy, interior designer at Copenhagen Tucson, knows the power of a well-designed entryway. With 8 years of experience helping clients design their dream spaces, Joffroy offers his tips below on selecting art, furniture, and accessories to create an entryway that will wow your family and friends this holiday season – and year-round.

Artwork & decor

Art is a powerful tool for bringing life to a space, as well as expressing your personality. However, you want to make sure the art in your entrance hall harmonizes with its surroundings. Joffroy says, “The placement of artwork and decor will depend on the design of the entryway. You have to play to the space. Pick artwork and decor that connects to the overall design theme of the home. You may want to repeat certain colors, geometry, or more organic and abstract shapes.”

Joffroy recommends the Three Flowers Wall Art for its soft and organic mood. This photograph of blooming flowers will bring a touch of nature to the transitional space between outdoors and indoors, and its two-panel format means you can display the panels as a single image or split them up for an edgier look.

Using portraiture, like the Sorella II Wall Art, can create a welcoming feel and infuse personality into your entryway. With its contrasting shades of deep blue, pink, yellow, and white, Sorella is an eclectic and trendy choice for a contemporary home.

Abstract art is also great for creating your preferred ambience. For instance, Candid Color is full of sunny yellows and cooler blues that make it mellow and versatile, while Copper Floweret’s vivid red and orange will command attention and create a feeling of excitement.

Also consider sculptures, either wall-mounted or free-standing, to add a three-dimensional artistic touch to your entryway. Joffroy recommends the Orchid Collage, full of delicate lifelike details and reflective surfaces that will catch the eye of every guest.

Console tables

As a surface for setting down keys and other personal items, or as a place to display art, flowers, or photos, console tables can be both practical and beautiful. Joffroy recommends decorating an entryway console table to fit the holiday theme of your choice. He also adds, “This may seem obvious but make sure the console table physically fits the space and doesn’t obstruct the path of entry. The material and design of the table can also aid in establishing a continuous design thread.”

With its classic profile and brown oak finish, the Enigma Console Table can integrate into a variety of design environments. BDI’s Terrace Console Table is another versatile choice with two contrasting tabletops of glass and wood, plus a streamlined 13” depth ideal for narrower entryways.

For a dramatic, contemporary statement, try the Prism Console Table or the Terminal Console Table. The Prism features a geometric metal base and glass top that allows the base to be appreciated at any angle, while the Terminal has an x-shaped base and ceramic marble top for a look that is both luxurious and modern.


Joffroy calls benches “a practical element for an entryway,” offering a convenient seat for putting on or taking off shoes, or a place to rest for a tired traveler. He adds, “If you are working with a console table and a bench, consider how the two pieces complement each other. The pieces don’t necessarily have to match.”

The Lake Bench has a back with a classic and beautiful slatted design, making it a welcoming choice for a traditional or mid-century modern entrance hall. Its cushioned seat adds a touch of warmth, which can be further accentuated by adding accent pillows or a throw blanket.

With a clean silhouette and generous cushions, the Allure Bench is both comfortable and contemporary. It has enough space to accommodate two to four sitters, and its fine leather upholstery adds a luxurious feel to its surroundings.

Also consider the Lark Bench, full of striking contrasts. With a warm-toned, organically shaped acacia top and black steel double legs, this bench is sure to be a conversation piece.

Complementary Entryway Accents

You can also place other elements in your entryway, such as a rug, coat rack, table lamp, or mirror, Joffroy says – as long as you’re not overcrowding it.

With rugs, he advises, “The entryway is a high-traffic area, so you want to avoid placing your finest, most delicate rug there.” For a rug that’s both beautiful and long-lasting, try the Colorworks Rug. Woven from durable polypropylene and available in multiple patterns, this rug is a work of modern art for your floor.

Also consider adding a coat rack to your entry space so guests can hang up outerwear and accessories before heading on into the warmth of your home. The Killian Coat Rack has a brushed steel finish and hooks that resemble branches, making it an inspired choice for both the holiday season and year-round.

Another element to consider is lighting. Joffroy says, “Adding an accent lamp on your console table can really heighten the ambiance of the entryway,” especially if the overhead light feels too bright or stark at times. Try the Como Table Lamp for a piece that’s versatile and elegant, featuring a two-tone metal base with chrome and brass finishes.

Finally, a mirror is convenient for letting your guests check their appearance as they enter or leave. A wider horizontal mirror, such as the Sullivan, lets multiple people use it at once while also making your entryway look larger.

From artwork to tables, and rugs to racks, there can be a lot to think about when designing your entryway. However, you don’t have to include every item on this list, especially if they will make your space too cramped. And as always, feel free to seek out the advice of the knowledgeable designers and sales associates at Copenhagen, such as Will Joffroy.

“It’s so neat to be able to develop a vision,” he says, “whether it be a piece of furniture or an entire home. Seeing the finished product and how the user enjoys it is always worth the time spent on the design process.” Visit your local Copenhagen today and start creating a remarkable space to welcome your loved ones to your home.