Herman Miller Lighting: A Brilliant Idea

Form and function are not opposing concepts, despite what some people might think. Some of the best pieces of design seamlessly blend style with practicality and aesthetics. Are the Nelson bubble lamps a piece of art or lighting fixtures? We’d say they’re both – functional art!

Teak it to the Limit: What’s So Great About Teak Furniture?

Classic Teak has been a staple of our collection since nearly the beginning of our store. Classic Teak embodies so much of what we believe in: clean, simple, and timeless design. Simply put, Classic Teak is what we love about furniture. Find out why!

A Guide to Wood Furniture and Finishes

Wood furniture has a timeless appeal and comes in a huge variety of tones, colors, and textures. If you are thinking about buying a piece of wood furniture, we’ve put together a guide to the most common types of wood and finishes to help you choose:

Modernism Week in Tucson (English Translation of Feature in Tu Casa Nueva)

Learn more about Tucson Modernism Week 2018 and the history of mid-century modern furniture at Copenhagen and in the Southwest in this special feature in Tu Casa Nueva.
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