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Why Choose Stressless®?

Why Stressless®? Learn about Ekornes of Norway's design philosophy, commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge comfort technologies and choose Stressless® for your next seating purchase.

Four Ways to Refresh Your Home for the Summer

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors during the hottest parts of the day. Rather than searching for something to do or turning on the TV, indulge your inner designer and bring more comfort and "hygge" (coziness in Danish), even in the heat of the summer. Here are four easy ways to refresh your summer style.

Four Distinctive Elements of Danish Furniture Design

Copenhagen's design philosophy and aesthetic have deep roots in Danish Modern design. Learn more about the history and characteristics of Danish Modern furniture and the origins of this iconic tradition.

Finding Your New Comfort Zone: A Guide to Choosing Your Stressless Chair

Are you ready to find your new comfort zone? Since 1971, Ekornes of Norway has designed and crafted the most comfortable seating in the world with its Stressless® recliners. The range of Stressless® options can sometimes seem overwhelming if it’s your first-time shopping Stressless or if you’re not sure exactly what features you need. Here are some tips on choosing the right model for your body and on customizing the features and color to your comfort and style needs.

5 Ways to Bring Color Into Your Space

Color infuses personality and vibrancy into any space and is an essential element of design. Check out these easy, effective ways to bring more color into your home.
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