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Quiz: Which Stressless® Recliner Model is Your Perfect Match?

Person leaning back and reading in Stressless® Consul recliner

Stressless® by Ekornes of Norway is one of the world’s most iconic recliner brands, and it’s easy to see why. From the durable steel frame and springs to the top-grade upholstery, to the patented Plus™ and Glide systems that provide lumbar and head support at any angle, a Stressless® recliner offers you the full package when it comes to comfort, functionality, and style.

What’s more, Stressless® recliners come in over a dozen models, virtually guaranteeing that anyone can find a chair they love the look of. If you have your heart set on a Stressless® but aren’t sure which model to choose, this quiz can help! Answer five simple questions below to be paired with one of four of our bestselling Stressless® models.

1) How would you describe the aesthetic of your home?

A. Traditional, with lots of comforting, home-like touches
B. Transitional, with a look that blends modern and retro
C. Eclectic, with a mix of styles unique to you or other household members
D. Contemporary, with the latest innovative furnishings and appliances


2) Which of these words appeals most to you?

A. Classic
B. Sleek
C. Versatile
D. Luxurious


3) Which of the following descriptions appeals most to you?

A. A chair to curl up in for cozy hobbies like reading or knitting
B. A chair to lounge in but also get some work done if needed
C. A chair that anyone can feel at home in, including family and guests
D. A chair that is a miniature haven dedicated to pure relaxation


4) Where do you fall on the minimalist-maximalist spectrum?

A. You tend to like decorative touches and think they can make a piece feel more welcoming.
B. You tend to fall in the middle but be drawn to striking shapes and iconic silhouettes.
C. You tend to like more simplified designs that are easy to match with a variety of surroundings.
D. You tend to like a more maximalist, sumptuous look and feel.


5) How do you want your ideal recliner to feel on your head and neck?

A. You’d like a generously plush feel, like lying on your favorite pillow.
B. You’d like a more rounded, enveloping design that can support the sides as well as the back of your head.
C. You’re not too picky, as long as it’s both soft and supportive.
D. You’d like a plush yet adjustable neckrest that you can calibrate to your perfect height.


If you chose mostly A’s, your Stressless® recliner match is Mayfair.

One of our bestselling Stressless® models, the Mayfair is distinguished by a tufted stitching pattern over its backrest that gives it a tailored look. Mayfair’s cushioning is soft and supple, pairing perfectly with its ergonomic mechanisms to give you unparalleled relaxation. A timeless classic, the Mayfair is loved by customers worldwide as a chair that embodies all the comforts of home.


If you chose mostly B’s, your Stressless® recliner match is Wing.

Debuting in 1994, the Wing is another highly popular Stressless® model. Its flared headrest gives it an instantly recognizable silhouette, blending modern and retro aesthetics with a touch of executive flair. The stitching pattern creates crisp lines in the leather for a sophisticated look. An inspired blend of sleek design and ergonomic technology, the Stressless® Wing will have you relaxing in iconic style.


If you chose mostly C’s, your Stressless® recliner match is Consul.

The Stressless® Consul features a clean silhouette with rounded lines and a welcoming shape that invites you to lean back and unwind. Consul’s simplified look allows it to fit into virtually any design environment, while the minimalist accent stitching adds a pleasing touch. In addition to the comfort-ensuring mechanisms you’ve come to know and love from Stressless®, our Consul chairs come with protected leather upholstery and are one of our most affordable Stressless® models.


If you chose mostly D’s, your Stressless® recliner match is Magic.

Looking to take your relaxation to the next level? Look no further than the Stressless® Magic. This luxurious chair features a double layer of padding that makes it one of our softest Stressless® models. The flared shape and ample width of the backrest and seat make it easy to stretch out and unwind, while a neck rest that adjusts up to 4″ in height makes this chair ideal for taller body types. Full of ergonomic technology including the BalanceAdapt™ system that responds to small movements of your body, the Stressless® Magic will bring you amazing comfort that must be experienced to be believed.


Additionally, all our Stressless® recliners can be customized further with your choice of three bases (Classic, Cross, or Signature), three leather grades (Batick, Paloma, or Noblesse), and a plethora of leather and fabric colors. Browse all our available Stressless® models in our online collection or visit our in-store Stressless® galleries for a test sit. You’ll be glad you did.