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One Sofa, Three Looks

HTL Evan Sofa

A sofa is an essential piece of furniture in many homes, frequently serving as the focal point around which other furnishings center. The right sofa should look and feel comfortable to you and, with the power of good styling, have a versatile, evolving place within your home. Whether you’ve just found your perfect sofa, are still browsing the market, or looking to refresh your current piece, imbuing any furniture item with your own look can be easy with just a few key changes. Below, we’ve compiled three Copenhagen sofas and recommendations for curating different custom design themes for each. Read on for some tips on versatility in design so that, with a single sofa, you can achieve any range of desired aesthetics for your home.

Evan Sofa

When infusing your own style into the look of your sofa and thus, your living space, you first need to consider what aspects you want to enhance and/or minimize, whether for the purposes of aesthetics or functionality. A sofa like the Evan has a casual feel, clean design, and mid-century-inspired structure that makes it a versatile piece to play with. Further, its neutral brown color and understated accents, like cross-stitched back cushions and metal legs, make it an ideal candidate for experimentation.

Cozy Layers

To contrast the Evan’s minimalism and imbue your space with warmth, we suggest incorporating soft textures and multidimensional pieces. A high-pile rug like the Aspen Alta has a lush, maximalist underfoot feel, and the Pinocchio Table combines walnut wood with an Edison bulb to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Add a chunky knit blanket or woven throw for a true “hygge” feel, as the Danish would call it.

Rustic Southwestern

To add character and highlight the beauty of natural textures (like Evan’s leather), we like using pieces that evoke the desert and have a rustic edge. The Pacific Console Table, carved from a teak tree root, pairs well with the Sedona Rug, whose diamondback pattern adds a dramatic accent.

Social Circles

Making your space appear bigger and more welcoming is easily doable without purchasing a larger sofa. You can soften Evan’s clean lines and be entertainment-ready by adding spatially adjustable furniture as well as circular or round accessories. The Erik Nesting Tables can be layered underneath a single tabletop when not in use or spread out to maximize surface space, and playfully patterned pillows like Viki can be systematically placed for comfort. Round out this look with an ottoman like the New York so that people can either sit on it or put their feet up if extra seating isn’t needed.

Funny Sofa

If you have a sofa that already utilizes multiple textures, don’t worry! With the right complementary palette and overarching theme, you can still redesign its look without overwhelming your space. The Funny Sofa has a playful personality but a neutral color scheme and contemporary design that lends itself well to multiple styles.

Neutral Glam

To enhance Funny’s neutral tones while adding fashionable flair, we suggest incorporating shiny or reflective surfaces and pieces that are practical but have a glamorous vibe. The dazzling textured frame of the Pop Mirror reflects and complements other objects in the room, while the Damien Ottoman offers a stylish and multifunctional storage solution.

Cheerful Playground

For a living space that fully embraces vibrant color and abstract design, mix and match accessories and furniture with primary color tones and unexpected shapes. You can liven up Funny with a pillow like Art Deco that features a collage of rainbow fabric pieces or give it a perfect companion in the form of the Bink Table, whose contoured shape is both comfortable and attractive.


If you’re all about everyday simplicities and natural beauty, adding plant-life, pieces with botanical patterns, and soothing textures will give you a living room that feels like a breath of fresh air. Embrace Funny’s wide seats and amp up its coziness with a floral pillow like Blush, which has an energizing burst of pastel colors. Bring the sunlight in with a landscape piece like Bluebells, its depiction of a lush forest inviting peace and introspection, the very essence of the cottagecore aesthetic.

Ardea Sofa

For a sofa with a distinctive look, you can embrace a particular design aesthetic or go “all in” so that your other furnishings complement each other and make a harmonious statement. A one-of-a-kind sofa like the Ardea stands out with its ocean blue color and curved lines, so choosing pieces that naturally go together will help to avoid a mismatched living space.

Jewel Tones

To cultivate an opulent look, we suggest adding tones that are deep and rich – darker hues elevate a space with colors that don’t feel too overwhelming. The Galatea, Jacinta, and Stretched Neck vases feature different jewel tones encased in clear glass shells, resulting in an elegant, multidimensional effect that perfectly complements the warm walnut of the Elements Cabinet, as well as its ricochet-patterned doors.

Stylish Scholastic

For a space that meets various work and school needs without feeling overcrowded, you can try incorporating a cooler color scheme that’s easy on the eyes, as well as multifunctional furniture that’s made to move around. A laptop table like Serif suits various needs, from eating to reading to working, with a height-adjustable column that’s slim enough to slide under furniture. Add a vintage touch with the Ashton Table Lamp; adjust your lighting with its easy-twist knob, creating the perfect ambiance for a midnight study session.

Cutting-Edge Contemporary

Make your living room feel perfectly balanced with an efficient and uncluttered design approach that still has personality. Adding furnishings and accessories that are trendy but still serve a purpose is key; the Cloud 9 Coffee Table has an edgy Italian porcelain tabletop and sleek, contemporary look, but also features a pneumatic lift mechanism that helps it serve multiple purposes. Instead of a traditional lamp, choose one with a playful structure like Felicia – it’s a light source and art piece all in one!

By keeping design needs and style preferences in mind, any sofa and living space can be easily transformed. Experimenting with different themes and exploring the power of color and accessories is the fun part – and Copenhagen is always willing to play. Call or visit your local Copenhagen to chat with our designers and associates for more design help.