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5 Italian Design Styles to Fall in Love With

Contemporary living and dining room

Italian design has captivated many people for centuries with its artistic brilliance, daring creativity, and meticulous craftsmanship. When it comes to furniture, this is certainly no exception – one only needs to gaze at the base of a Cattelan dining table or sink into the leather cushions of an Incanto sectional to know that one is in the presence of something extraordinary. Among the many fans of Italian design is Steve Vogt, a sales associate at Copenhagen Gilbert. When asked what it is about Italian furniture that makes it so captivating, Vogt says, “For me, it’s the seamless blend of materials – glass, metal, ceramics, leather, and wood come together with style and perfection that can only be Italian.”

Whether you’re looking to revamp your space or simply an admirer of beautiful design, here are 5 Italian furniture aesthetics for your inspiration and enjoyment.


Because the Italian art and design scene has a history of generating avant-garde movements and bold new trends, it comes as no surprise that Italian furniture often boasts an ultra-modern look. This can be seen in features like sleek lines, crisp angles, striking finishes, and materials like ceramic marble, metal, and glass.

For customers seeking this aesthetic, Vogt recommends pieces by Cattelan Italia – “This brand has an extensive catalog full of bold styles that are easily transferrable through many design themes, but that lend themselves especially well to an ultra-modern vibe.” He recommends Cattelan’s Nasdaq Desk for the working professional who wants to make an unforgettable statement. With its black ceramic marble top and angled silhouette that resembles a contemporary sculpture, Nasdaq is both cutting-edge and timeless.

Ozzio is another Italian manufacturer producing ultra-modern pieces worthy of admiration. Their Gem Dining Table features a “floating” glass top and a two-toned geometric base with a subtle glitter for a design that shows an innovative spirit when it comes to form and finish.


Though many associate Italian art with a sense of ornateness, Italian designers are equally adept at creating minimalist pieces that nonetheless make a strong impact with their style and artistry. This is often done through the strategic use of negative space, both in individual furnishings and throughout a larger room or building.

Vogt recommends the Nautilus Bookcase by Cattelan for those seeking a minimalist home for their books and accessories. “Nautilus is airy and modular, with a lightness that is accentuated by curved elements resembling boat sails,” he says. Another favorite of Vogt is the Caveoso Sofa by Egoitaliano – “This two-in-one piece features white leather upholstery paired with an attached side table that saves space and enhances any minimalist interior.”

For health-conscious office seating with a low footprint, try the new Moon Knee Chair by Quadrifoglio. Featuring an open infinity shape and an innovative frame that shifts the sitter’s weight onto their knees to improve their posture, Moon brings ergonomic, elegant design to even small spaces.



When it comes to furniture and interiors that radiate maximalist, layered luxury, Italian design stands out from the rest. Whether it’s largeness of size, boldness of pattern, or the masterful blending of opulent materials and textures, designers out of Italy are not afraid to dream big.

Simply look at the expansive leather headboard of the Marlon Bed, or the plush seats and wraparound accent cushioning of the Mira Sectional, and you may understand why many are enamored with the maximalist aesthetic. Also of interest is Alf Italia’s Bella Ruggente Dresser – it unites carved wood, gold lacquer, and grey eco-stone for a sumptuous look that will stand out in any bedroom.

Vogt gives the following tip for those wanting to create a maximalist interior – “Once you’ve chosen a collection of bold yet flowing furniture, don’t be afraid to go a little overboard on accessories, artwork, and pillows.” For instance, the Italian-designed Ambienti Glamour sculptures are full of bright colors and patterns to make your space come alive.



Edgy and eye-catching, industrial-styled interior design has experienced a resurgence in the 21st century, and many Italian furnishings display their industrial influence with flair. From stark, angular lines offset by softer features to architecturally inspired motifs and materials, now is a great time to channel this aesthetic.

Vogt loves the Naos Latour Dining Table, whose stunning base features curved metal elements reminiscent of a suspension bridge. For those who are curious about the style but may not want to take the full plunge into having an industrial interior, Vogt recommends “using more industrially inspired décor and artwork or incorporating smaller-scale items with industrial touches.” As examples of the latter, he says, “The Apelle Dining Chair or Atari Coffee Table will bring in comfort and style with the warmth of their leather and wood.”



Both forward-looking and steeped in tradition, Italian design often finds itself taking inspiration from trends of the past and reviving them with a new twist. Vogt cites the Costes Sideboard with its herringbone wood pattern and rounded lines evocative of mid-century modern style – “Its unique retro look will encourage conversation and let it become one of your favorite pieces.”

Complete your look with the Sabrina Sectional by Incanto Italia. “Featuring beautiful black leather with tufted accents, and a thin walnut base trim, Sabrina’s mid-century accents mesh seamlessly with the retro style of the Costes,” explains Vogt. For sweet dreams, try the Casablanca Bed, whose dramatic pillowed headboard blends the comfort of a traditional bedroom with the edginess of a modern one.

Whether you’re drawn to clean and simple forms or lush and extravagant statement pieces, Italian design has something for everyone. The interior of your dreams awaits you in the Italian collection at your local Copenhagen.