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Using Your Sideboard as the Focal Point of Your Space

A sideboard is more than just an accent against your wall. With a little care, it can serve as the focal point of any great dining room. Here are a few creative ideas to draw the eye to your sideboard or bar, which will turn this useful piece of furniture into a true work of art.

Add Soft Lighting

While your dining table may be centered under a chandelier or a ceiling fan, perhaps these overhead lights are too bright for a truly romantic dinner. With the help of a couple table lamps, you can shut off the overhead lights, while filling your room with a gentle glow. Decorating the top of your sideboard with mirrors or other artwork can reflect the warmth back into the room.

Decorate Lightly

You don’t want your sideboard to become just another cluttered space overflowing with random art or trinkets. It will look its most elegant when lightly decorated with just a few precious pieces. Even a simple tea set in the center of your sideboard can add a dainty touch of artistry to the room without making it look too busy.

Choose Something Unique

While many of today’s sideboards feature sleek lines and simple black and white color schemes, you can find many traditionally inspired features that have plenty of unique accents. You may enjoy a sideboard with features such as a built in wine rack or geometric shapes that form the drawers. There are many great options which include glass floating shelves and other unusual materials.

Decorate Your Walls to Match

Even though you don’t want to stack too much stuff on top of your sideboard, it is a good idea to hang something on the wall above for added effect. Hanging a mirror that closely matches the design style of the sideboard will make your room feel larger, while avoiding too much blank space on the wall.

Copenhagen has a huge collection of sideboards, buffet tables and credenzas online today. You can find the perfect fit for your dining room table and begin decorating your space in no time, while making your dining room truly shine.