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Reasons to Purchase Designer Pieces From Copenhagen

When envisioning a dream living room or office space, we all dream about bedecking our rooms with nothing but beautiful furniture. Owning pieces designed by capable architects and designers is a fantasy we all have. So, what is all the fuss about designer pieces? What makes them different from the other types of furniture?

Furniture is about more than aesthetics. We all want a piece that is designed to fit our lifestyle while being structurally functional. This is exactly what you get when you buy a contemporary designer piece of furniture. Here at Copenhagen, we appreciate the importance of quality when it comes to furniture and carry high quality furniture pieces designed by both budding and experienced furniture designers.

With furniture designed by Per Weiss, Jan Armgardt, Wilhelm Bolinth, Emil Thorup and many others, Copenhagen has always been a destination for contemporary furniture shoppers. These pieces are getting more recognition in the market and deservedly so! They are designed with the user in mind and offer excellent comfort and functionality in equal measure.

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Designers always put function first by providing solutions and versatility. This explains the love that contemporary designer furniture receives.

Our collection entails pieces made by designers from diverse design traditions. This means, no matter what your style is you will always find furniture that will suit your lifestyle. Whether you love compact furniture that is easy to work around or you want something colorful that will bring out the qualities of your room, we can find something for you.


Our special collection pieces aren’t overwhelmingly extravagant or gobble up space! Contemporary designer furniture adopts an elegant yet minimalistic design in which every inch of surface is carefully thought out. The pieces are characterized by smooth lines and sumptuous curves. Minimalism is the way to go nowadays, and these furniture pieces are leading the way.

Peruse through our product design section and check out our collection of quality pieces. Purchase pieces made by designers working with revered furniture companies like Natuzzi ItaliaCattelan ItaliaHerman Miller and many others. Choose Copenhagen Living, choose quality.