Living - Benches & Ottomans

Bloom Ottoman

Bloom OttomanPrice: $225.00More Colors Available

Winston Footstool

Winston FootstoolPrice: $145.00

Flying Goose Stool

Flying Goose StoolPrice: $279.00More Colors Available

Flying Goose Stool

Flying Goose StoolPrice: $279.00More Colors Available

Ghost Bench

Ghost BenchPrice: $459.00

Aalborg Bench

Aalborg BenchPrice: $498.00More Colors Available

Fiona Ottoman

Fiona OttomanPrice: $300.00
Closeout: $210.00More Colors Available

Stella Large Ottoman

Stella Large OttomanPrice: $890.00

Julia Long Ottoman

Julia Long OttomanPrice: $995.00More Colors Available

Double Ottoman with Table

Double Ottoman with TablePrice: $1,095.00More Colors Available

Nelson™ Bench

Nelson™ BenchPrice: $1,995.00

Nelson™ Long Bench

Nelson™ Long BenchPrice: $1,595.00

Brentwood Ottoman

Brentwood OttomanPrice: $945.00

Wesley Ottoman

Wesley OttomanPrice: $525.00More Colors Available

Mimi Ottoman

Mimi OttomanPrice: $485.00

Venture Bench

Venture BenchPrice: $285.00More Colors Available

Beal Footstool

Beal FootstoolPrice: $749.00

Bo Ottoman

Bo OttomanPrice: $276.00

Pabellon Ottoman

Pabellon OttomanPrice: $720.00

Zara Footstool

Zara FootstoolPrice: $1,586.00

Soul Ottoman

Soul OttomanPrice: $645.00

Julia Ottoman

Julia OttomanPrice: $729.00

Sam Teak Bench

Sam Teak BenchPrice: $499.00

Jonas Medium Bench

Jonas Medium BenchPrice: $239.00

Jonas Long Bench

Jonas Long BenchPrice: $269.00

Jonas Stool

Jonas StoolPrice: $129.00

Envy Ottoman

Envy OttomanPrice: $603.00

Le Pouf Ottoman

Le Pouf OttomanPrice: $284.00


OttomanPrice: $327.00

Slitta Bench

Slitta BenchPrice: $888.00

Tomahawk Bench

Tomahawk BenchPrice: $434.00

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