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Four Ways to Refresh Your Home for the Summer

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors during the hottest parts of the day. The increased time indoors make some feel cramped or restless, and we often don’t consider how much our surroundings and furnishings can contribute to this feeling.

Rather than searching for something to do or turning on the TV, try taking a look at your space and finding a few key areas that could use some attention. Indulge your inner designer and bring more comfort and “hygge” (coziness in Danish), even in the heat of the summer.

Here are four easy ways to refresh your summer style:

1. Clear the clutter and rethink functionality.

We all have spaces in our home that gradually accumulate papers, laundry, mail, bags, and more. Whether it’s a bookshelf, guest bed, or table, find the spot that tends to pile up the most and dedicate some time to clearing up the congestion. This simple process can bring up some helpful questions – why do I tend to use this space for impromptu storage? What isn’t working here as well as it could? How can I repurpose this area to make it more functional?

Rethinking the functionality of a space can dramatically change its vibe. As clutter builds up, so does the creeping feeling that there is more to do, something left unfinished, or stressful buildup to deal with. Set yourself up for success by reworking the space with intention.

For example, if you tend to let mail pileup on your kitchen counter (along with bags, papers, and more), consider placing a console table between the kitchen and your entryway. Along with filling in some empty space along the wall, the console table can serve as a counter space for a mail tray or as somewhere transitory that, due to its limited size, will require more frequent organizing to avoid buildup.

Or, if your coffee table tends to become a repository for remotes, coasters, video game controllers, and papers, consider adding a compact end table with shelving or storage space. The Componibili end tables by Kartell have built-in storage compartments that conceal the interior of each compartment while also providing a sturdy tabletop and touch of style.

These simple yet effective actions, complemented by functional furnishings, can enhance the relaxing, open feel of your space.

2. Brighten up the interior with sunny colors.

Bring the summer sun indoors by adding bright color accents to your space. Depending on your lifestyle needs, this could be as simple as placing a bright vase on a bookshelf or a sunny yellow chair next to the sofa. Search out surfaces in your home that seem unused or missing something and add a subtle or bright pop of color.

For an even brighter look, consider wall art that features plants, flowers, or other natural elements. The series of Tulips paintings brings multicolored floral delight and provides a touch of color regardless of the season. If you love the beach, the Waves wall art brings the power and dynamic energy of the ocean to your home. Think of what makes you feel most summery or bright and integrate this into your interior design.

3. Ready your table for entertaining.

While summer days can be scorching, summer nights are beautifully cool (in comparison)! Welcome friends and family over for BBQs, game nights, or movie nights and make sure that you have all you need to entertain. One household staple for the effortless entertainer is a dining table with extendable leaves. Two extra guests joining for dinner last minute? No problem – pull out your tabletop to accommodate as many as you can. What’s more, there are extensible tabletops for every shape – whether you prefer a roundsquare, or rectangular table.

Inevitably if you have guests, you will also have those who would like an ice cold drink to cool down and relax. Whether you’re serving Pellegrino or your favorite mixed drink, a bar cabinet is the ideal place for storing glasses, napkins, drinkware, and more. The Tanami bar cabinet by BDI features sculptural doors and a variety of shelving sizes so that you can flaunt your skills as a barista, or ask guests to help themselves.

4. Shore up your seating.

When hosting, it’s always helpful to have extra seating on hand. To increase your seating without having to store stacks of chairs in the garage or spare room, find an ottoman that complements your sofa or living room furniture and that can double as a seat in a pinch. The Mikel ottoman is a three-in-one seat, storage space, and tray table that will do the job perfectly. If you have a small seating alcove or under-counter cutout, tuck a Saldo ball in for both color and contemporary design, while also serving as a fun spot to sit. Lastly, an empty corner near your dining or living area can turn into a spot to showcase an eye catching (and functional) dining or side chair. The Louis Ghost armchair by Kartell has an iconic crystal frame that is incredibly stylish yet subtle. The transparent polycarbonate frame seems to float in space and fits in seamlessly in any design environment.

With these tips in mind, you’re more than prepared to refresh your summer style. Wishing you and your family and friends a fun, productive summer!