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Building the modern entertainment center

One of the most adventurous and satisfying feelings of being a homeowner is being able to create your own modern entertainment center. The home theater concept goes as far back as the fifties when television rose to popularity and home film cameras and projectors became affordable. Home video recording systems provided a gigantic leap forward in the seventies, as did video games in the following decade. Since then home theaters have evolved in visual and audio quality, as well as aesthetics, interactivity, and connectivity.

Modern Entertainment Center Components

There are numerous configurations for today’s entertainment centers, depending on your personal taste for entertainment and interior design. Some of the most innovative designs include the Expo Shelving System, Calypso TV console and Corridor TV Cabinet. Here are some of the most common components:

Practicality vs Aesthetics

Your home theater design should make sense from both a practical and aesthetic perspective, in order to maximize a pleasurable environment. For practical purposes, all wiring should be neatly organized instead of a tangled mess. You should also set up the system so you have easy access to wiring in case you need to add or subtract components. The wiring should also be out of reach of pets, who sometimes chew on cords, which can create a fire hazard.

When it comes to aesthetics your design should match your room, as well as your imagination. There are many different variations that make it easy to customize systems according to your desires. Color, material, and style of consoles and cabinets are a matter of your own preference, in addition to what blends well with the floor, walls, ceiling, windows, furniture, and decor.

Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere

One of your most important goals should be in creating the most comfortable entertainment atmosphere possible. Not just for you and your family, but also for your guests. Distance from the screen to your seating arrangement is a major consideration, along with adequate lighting and screen angle. Keep in mind that speaker placement is often a matter of experimentation, since some speakers sound better in smaller rooms, while others sound better in larger rooms. Another key question is deciding between installing the system yourself or hiring experienced professionals to make sure it’s properly set up according to the technical specifications.

Copenhagen has a wide variety of modern entertainment centers and other products for modern living. To learn more, visit us at one of our showrooms or visit our website at .