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Accessories are Key to Interior Design

When creating and implementing a comprehensive plan for your home's interior decor, there are several key "levels" of design which you will want to give adequate attention. Each level will make a huge impact on the kind of ambiance and unity you create in each room.

In a practical sense, the three levels of design in interior home decorating are:

1. Selecting an appropriate room

Consider room details, such as function, size and dimensions, ceiling height, and lighting sources. All of these parameters will serve to define the room’s decorating possibilities challenge your creativity in discovering the possibilities of making them into a reality.

2. Furnishing your interior spaces

To achieve a truly appealing look and feel for your newly decorated room (or rooms), innovative, stylish furniture is an essential ingredient . A sleek, stylish sofa, teakwood bed frame, glass dining table, or a modern, professional-looking desk for your home study/office will further delineate the style and function of the room.

3. Adorning your room with accessories

A common belief is that “Life is in the details”. In the realm of interior decorating, this especially holds true. The finishing touches to a room’s decor is largely about the accessory pieces, such as wall art, sculptures, designer rugs and throws, exquisite vases and decorative bowls or display cases filled with exquisite china or interesting knick knacks.

Accessories can make feel a room feel warm and inviting or serious and businesslike. They can suggest elegance or humor, contrast sharply with their surroundings or complement them. A room with just the right balance of accessories will nicely finish the look of any room, while giving it a personality and style that is uniquely your own.

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