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Why We Love Bamboo And You Should Too

Bamboo offers many positive qualities which makes it a rich resource for furniture designers. Not only is it sturdy and durable, but it can also be used for a stunning display of colors and textures. Even more importantly, it is a renewable resource that grows quickly in many regions so there is no shortage of this brilliant material.

Long Lasting Durability

The plant itself is made up of many thick fibers which can be cut and shaped in countless ways. It holds up well against scratching and staining, and creates a look that has many interesting visual qualities. Furniture is often made by taking bamboo and forming or weaving it into a pattern. It can also be layered together to form solid pieces for bed frames, dressers and more.


As the focus on green products grows, bamboo furniture has become a major player in the industry. This is a material that is readily available, can be replaced quickly, and takes less work to harvest. This means that every stage of procurement and building it is a better alternative than traditional hardwoods. For consumers interested in sustainable living, this is one of the best options.


With the relative ease of harvesting and furniture creation, it’s no surprise that you will come across a lower price tag This means that sustainable furniture is more accessible than ever before. There is also a ton of variety so you don’t have to worry that your options will be limited.

More than Just Planks

Aside from forming hard surfaces for tables and dressers, there are also countless other uses. The leaves and reeds can be softened and woven into a leather-like material that can be transformed into cushions and pillows. You can find tons of great decor ideas that feature items made with almost no waste.

Bamboo looks like it has a great future in the furniture building industry, and that’s okay by us. Here at Copenhagen, we have a large selection of gorgeous bedroom pieces to help you get your life on track with sustainable living. These pieces were created by master designers who understand the versatility and importance of bamboo as a modern building material. Visit our catalog online today or visit one of our showrooms in Arizona or Texas to see them for yourself and don’t forget to check out the matching pillows and accessories to complete your room!