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Why Classic Teak is Still Relevant Today

Classic teak furniture is highly sought after in the home decor world and continues to play a major role in our furnishings today. So what is it that makes classic teak so important to the furniture industry?

Properties of Teak

Teak has several unique properties that make it stand out among other hardwoods. It has a very tight wood grain which is helpful in retaining natural oils and rubbers. For furniture makers, this means the wood will stay healthy long after it is cut and formed. These oils also provide protection against dry rotting, fungus and pests. Other hardwoods lose their natural oils when they are cut down and quickly dry out, leaving them susceptible to these invaders.

Teak is also unusual because it provides such a tough finish without any special treatments. While most other hardwoods require sealants and special oils to keep the surface durable, classic teak furniture can stand the test of time with very little maintenance. This is why so much has survived through the modern time period where it is often handed down from generation to generation.

Finding Classic Teak Furniture

While Classic Teak Furniture has become increasingly popular, it isn’t always easy to find newer furniture, unless you know where to look. Older, antique teak furniture is generally well overpriced, partially due to the higher demand.

From the Bjorn Sideboard to the Malta Bed, Copenhagen has a huge selection of classic teak pieces including chairs, sofas, tables and chests. You will be blown away by the sheer beauty and sturdiness of these pieces as they stand the test of time. Visit us online or check out one of our showrooms in Arizona or Texas.