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Why Choose Stressless®?

Two people sitting on Stressless Stella sofa

Ekornes of Norway is one of Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers that, for the past 50 years, has distinguished itself through its line of Stressless® recliners and sofas. Learn more about what sets Ekornes apart and why you can trust in their design philosophy, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to engineering the highest quality comfort.

A design philosophy centered on comfort and ergonomic engineering.

Ekornes was founded by Jens Ekornes in 1934 in Ikornnes, Norway – a once-small town on the banks of the Sykkylven Fjord. Ekornes was known for his innovations in furniture springs, construction, and foamed plastic, which set the stage for the creation of mattresses and then, starting in 1971, Stressless® recliners. The designers at Stressless® are first and foremost dedicated to comfort. As it says on the Stressless® website, “We make furniture whose form is only surpassed by its function, its beauty only by its comfort.” Stressless’ design values embody classic Scandinavian values of ergonomic engineering and the belief that design should support and enhance the comfort of your daily lifestyle.

A dedication to sustainability and the highest quality manufacturing.

The majority of Stressless® products are produced in Ekornes’ factories in Ikornnes, Norway, which run 100% on clean energy from hydropower. Offcuts of wood are used to heat the factory, and surplus energy then goes towards heating homes in the surrounding district. The factory has a closed loop system for cleaning steel that prevents the release of toxins – a benefit also shared by their use of water-based paints and lacquers. Furthermore, all Stressless® leather is manufactured with strict adherence to current laws and guidelines for animal welfare, health, safety, and the environment. Stressless® only sources leather from tanneries chosen with the assistance of recognized international institutions.

Once recliners and sofas are ready for transport, Stressless® uses recycled materials for packaging the merchandise and shipping to their customers and retailers. For American customers, sofas made in Norway are shipped to their center in North Carolina for assembly or for temporary storage at their New Jersey warehouse. The only Stressless® lines not manufactured in Norway are Max and Mike, which are manufactured in a vertically-integrated factory in Thailand.

At each of its factories and warehouses around the world, Ekornes maintains its commitment to creating the lowest possible environmental impact, minimizing health risks in the workplace, and investing in keeping the environment and society at large healthy and safe. As part of the UN’s Global Compact initiative, the company further demonstrates its commitment to corporate sustainability and social responsibility, as well as its enforcement of ethical and socially responsible business practices.

Cutting-edge comfort technologies developed and refined over 50 years.

During Stressless’ 50 years in business, their designers and craftsmen have earned the title “The Innovators of Comfort™” due to their constant innovations in upholstery, support mechanisms, and movement technologies. Underneath the supple leathers and soft fabrics on all Stressless® seating is a series of foams, springs, and mechanisms engineered to support and relax the body.

At the heart of every sofa and recliner is a durable steel frame with flexo springs, which is then wrapped in perforated foam. The foam, indented with Comfort Zones™ technology, helps your body sink into the seat and feel as if it’s being embraced. Soft space-age foam padding and fiber are then layered underneath the fabric or leather upholstery, with the exact amount of padding and stitching different per model based on the feel you like most. All recliners also feature the Plus™ and Glide systems, which enable the chair to adjust automatically to shifts in body weight and to provide synchronous support for the head and lower back. The headrests lower easily into a sleep position that cradles the body and support the head and neck as you rest and rejuvenate.

As motion furniture has increased in popularity, Stressless® has debuted the Max and Mike recliners, which are the only power recliners on the market that glide and swivel while also integrating a tri-fold hidden footrest. At the touch of a button, the headrest support automatically synchronizes with the lumbar support as the chair reclines and the footrest unfurls, ensuring completely supported and natural movement.

A comprehensive catalog of styles and feels for every body.

With a family of over 13 recliner models, 7 sofa models, and matching dining and office chairs, Stressless® offers comfort and support for every type of body. For each model, choose from a colorful assortment of fabrics and leather upholstery, as well as wood and metal bases, accents, and finishes. Our sales associates are experts in Stressless® design and are ready to help you navigate the wide selection so that you can find your new comfort zone.

Copenhagen has carried Stressless® furniture since the very beginning, and, in our decades of business, have always appreciated their dedication to comfort, quality, and Scandinavian design. Congratulations to our partners at Stressless® for celebrating 50 years in 2021!