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Why Cattelan Italia Reigns Supreme After 40 Years

When buying furniture, most people think about the brand selling the furniture more than they even consider the designer behind the pieces they are buying. Breaking out in the furniture design world takes real charisma and gumption.

Names like Cattelan Italia are ubiquitous in America but very few people know the story behind the amazing pieces found in offices and homes in America. Founded by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, Cattelan Italia continues to reign supreme in the furniture world both in America and across Europe. Although the company was passed down to their son Paolo, the innovativeness of the contemporary furniture produced by Cattelan Italia did not change at all. If anything, the transition down the family only ensured that there was a fresh breath of creativity and precision in the design. So, what makes Cattelan Italia stand out from the other furniture designers? How did their pieces manage to stand the test of time?


The design of the furniture from Cattelan Italia stands out because of the amount of time and attention paid to the smallest of detail in pieces. Every single curve or twist you see on a Cattelan Italia was carefully thought through. Their designs are not just meant to impress the eyes, they help solve a problem and make life easier.

Innovative Use of Materials

Besides astonishingly beautiful designs, Cattelan Italia is famous for their innovative use of unorthodox materials in the production of pieces. From mixing glass with hardwood to produce stellar dining tables to making metallic book hutches, their subtle choice of materials for specific pieces makes them stand out.


While most designers prefer to use hand drawn sketches in their work, Cattelan Italia has proven that using technology to design and render pieces gives them an edge on competitors. They are able to create stunning designs and place them in a fully rendered mockup room so you can see how the finished piece will look in any home or office.

Catellan Italia continues to impress more than 40 years after their founding. Many of their most popular designs can be found on Copenhagen Living alongside other world renowned designers of all kinds.