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Why BDI? Features & functions for the perfect media cabinet

Whether you’re looking to outfit your new home theater or to update the style or function of your TV cabinet, BDI’s media cabinets come in a range of sizes, finishes, and configurations to suit any space. Learn more about BDI’s technology-friendly features that make their media cabinets as state-of-the-art as your electronics.

Acoustic & remote-friendly doors and shelving

One of the key features of any home theater setup is sound quality. Whether you have a soundbar, separate speakers, or surround sound, BDI media cabinets are engineered to be speaker and remote-friendly so that sounds and signals simply flow through. With a host of different styles and designs, you can find your favorite look without compromising on functionality.

Cabinets from BDI’s Elements line feature stunning doors with laser-cut wood patterns and perforated metal backing that both emphasizes the wood patterning and discreetly conceals its contents. The Corridor series has louvered hardwood doors with clean parallel lines and a sleek black satin-etched glass top. If you like a geometric aesthetic, the Interval cabinets feature a gridded front made of jointed hardwood. For an elegant and fluid look, the Tanami credenza has satin black doors with a flowing pattern and contrasting legs with a bronze finish.

Regardless of the design you choose, your media cabinet will be well-engineered in form and function so that you can enjoy a high-quality entertainment experience.

A system for keeping organized

A common headache when setting up any home theater system is cable management. Between power, HDMI, audio cables, and more, it’s easy to end up with an unruly nest of wires. Effective cable management channels mitigate this struggle through generously sized cable cut-outs, routing channels, and ample space for arranging components and cords.

Many of BDI’s media cabinets come with two base styles – a “media” optimized base with hidden wheels for easy mobility, and a “console” base that sits higher off the ground and is designed to maximize storage space. Both styles include cable management cutouts and, depending on the model, removable rear-access panels for easy access to cables.

If you’re arranging components in the Corridor Four Door media cabinet, for example, you could simply roll the unit forward and remove the back panels to have full organization access. The shelves can be adjusted to make room for taller components, and cables can easily be snaked around and behind to create the perfect arrangement.

Staying cool

With the rise of streaming and gaming services and consoles, an inevitable side effect is a growing collection of electronics that all need to be stored near to or directly underneath the TV. Each electronic component builds up heat as it runs, and needs a flow of air to help regulate its temperature and minimize heat build-up.

When arranging electronics in a media cabinet, it’s recommended to leave at least one inch of space around each component to prevent overheating, as well as use separate shelves when possible to store larger units. To keep your electronics cool, BDI integrates built-in ventilation channels in the shelves, doors, and rear access panels of its cabinets that help regulate airflow and allow heat to disperse.


With many finishes, colors, sizes, and configurations, media cabinets by BDI are highly customizable to your design tastes and lifestyle needs. The series of Corridor media cabinets alone is available in three wood finishes and twothree, or four-door models to support any size TV. Visit your nearest Copenhagen location, and our experienced team of sales associates will help you find the best configuration for your home. With a host of features and cutting-edge design by BDI, you’re one step closer to many fantastic movie nights to come!