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Why Are Sit-Stand Desks Taking Over Office Spaces?

In recent years, the term “ergonomics” has been thrown around quite a lot. It comes as a result of new health studies concerning the amount of time we now spend sitting at desks in front of computers. These studies have suggested there are certain long term negative health implications caused by sitting for extended periods of time, prompting a search for ways to work healthier. One solution is the modern sit-stand desk.

What is a Sit-Stand Desk?

A sit-stand desk, or lift desk, allows the user to adjust the height of their desktop throughout their day, helping them to stay healthier by avoiding the negative effects of prolonged sitting. While some lift desks use automated technology that enables the user to adjust with the touch of a button, other desks use simple levers or toggles to move the desk up and down. Either way, these desks enable the user to spend part of their day sitting at their desk and part of their day standing, without needing to bend over to type.

How to Choose a Sit-Stand Desk?

Choosing the right kind of adjustable desk comes down to your personal taste. For instance, BDI lift desks are available in multiple colors, sizes, and styles. Their Centro Lift Desk has a satin white finish and comes in smaller and larger versions so you don’t have to sacrifice much needed workspace in order to make the adjustable features work for you.

As you select your new sit-stand desk, make sure you are able to easily move the desk between sitting and standing positions without needing to do a lot of heavy lifting. The goal is to make the transition seamless and natural so it won’t disrupt your workday. If it takes more than a few minutes to adjust your desk, you could be losing valuable productivity. Fortunately, BDI has implemented a digital touchpad system on many of their desks that makes adjusting your lift desk a simple task.

Although there are many kinds of adjustable desks available on the market, BDI has become a leader in the industry for their cost effective and functional desk options. If you are searching for the perfect desk for your office space to improve your health and maximize productivity, check out Copenhagen Living’s selection of lift desks today.