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What Makes Danish Furniture Different?

In recent years, Scandinavian and Danish furniture shops have popped up all over the US, offering an interesting take on what it means to furnish a home or office space. Unlike America’s heavily ornate colonial pieces, Danish furniture focuses on more of a minimalist design. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants to do away with the clutter and overwhelming filigree, and get back to basics.

Why Danish Furniture?

Denmark is currently home to more than 400 furniture manufacturers, as well as the Copenhagen School of Industrial Arts and Design. It has been at the epicenter of furniture design for decades, and each year Denmark alone supplies the world with billions of dollars in new furniture. Of course, in order for these pieces to travel around the world they need to be both light weight and practical.

Stylistic Features

Danish furniture first made an impact on the US in the early 1900s with their simple straight-backed chair designs. These chairs were made of real woods with simple finishes and straight lines. They were not covered with excessive hand-carved detail or exotic materials. Instead, they were sturdy, straightforward products which stood up to wear and tear without falling apart. These design elements were also apparent when it came to Danish bed frames, shelving units and other furniture elements. The simplicity of these pieces made it easy for everyone to fall in love with this minimalist style..

As our home sizes begin to shrink, the need for simple functional furniture increases. Many people today simply don’t have the space for large, intricate pieces that eat up floor space and impede their rooms. Plus, modern styles feature clean lines and basic colors which make the space feel more open. Copenhagen Living offers a large selection of furniture to fit into your lifestyle every day of the year including chairs, tables and home decor. Check out our full selection online or visit one of our showrooms today