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Ultra-Modern Furniture Trends for 2017

The current interior design world is looking for all new ultra-modern furniture trends to make a big statement. Building upon the modern furniture that has been introduced in the last few years, there is plenty more coming from stylish designers all over the world.

Small Footprints

With a growing awareness of the impact humans have on the world around us, and a desire to downsize from the over embellished days of yore, many of today’s modern furniture pieces are designed to be slim and trim. They do away with unnecessary parts and extra fluff with a more clean and simple design. More and more people are buying furniture that takes up less space in their home so they can achieve an open, limitless look to their rooms.

Modern Materials

Flowery prints are out and sleek, solid colors are in. We are seeing more furniture being built with metals, plastics and even renewable engineered materials. They come in a variety of shiny and matte finishes, that are painted in a handful of inviting colors. Many of these materials are formed by using molds, rather than being carved out of a base material such as wood, so they can take on any shape the designer imagines. We also expect to see more glass set atop purely functional steel frames in a nod toward lean manufacturing.

More Curves

Whimsical curves and body lines tend to give furniture a more futuristic look, as if it’s being swept through time at a high speed. Ultra-modern furniture makes good use of curves by forming chairs to the shape of your body, and giving tables an asymmetrical look that intrigues the viewer.

Modern furniture continues to push the limits of design and materials that have long gone unquestioned. Designers are now able to combine a wider variety of materials, colors and styles to create unique furniture pieces that can give any room an updated look.

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