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Today’s Modern Sectional Trends

Sectional trends have come and gone over the last couple of decades. Today, modern sectionals are becoming increasingly relevant as consumers search for modular, flexible seating options that offer both space and comfort. The move toward an open design has become popular over the last few years, impacting the look and feel of many kinds of sectionals.

Angular Designs

For years the sectional was a bulky, heavy piece of furniture that took over a room, and unnecessarily created a large wasted space behind the corner section. The modern sectional is designed to easily fit the room, without the extra weight. Many of today’s sectionals do away with oversized cushions and rounded edges in favor of a more angular approach that fits tightly to the sides of the room and has a minimalistic appearance. The wasted space in the corner has been all but eliminated.

The Chaise

While a few of the modern sectional designs still include cup holders and storage cubbies, most designs have gone in a new direction with trimmer features. Instead of interrupting the lounging area with storage space, designers have added an open chaise lounge on the end of the sectional designed specifically for kicking your feet up and relaxing. They have also done away with many of the recliner options in favor of the chaise, drastically reducing the weight of the sectional overall.

Contrasting Colors

Some of the most popular modern sectionals feature striking color combinations. Dark wood legs with white leather cushions are a favorite. In addition, some designers use a dark color for the sectional, while using a contrasting color for a matching ottoman. Black and white are popular choices that enhance the sharp features of the ultra-modern look.

Personalized Comfort

Our obsession with functional personalized features has bled into the modern sectional. Many sectionals now feature folding arm and head rests so you can personalize your favorite sitting spot while reducing the appearance of clutter in the room when it’s not in use.

Copenhagen Living offers a wide variety of modern sectional designs by famous designers from around the world. These sectionals offer a fresh new take on this furniture mainstay so you can find a sleek new set for your home.