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The History of the Chandelier as a Status Symbol

The earliest chandeliers date all the way back to the medieval times. They were originally used as they provided an effective means of lighting large open areas, such as cathedrals and palace foyers. In its original French, the word chandelier described a candle holder that was often formed in the shape of a cross. As time went on, chandeliers changed form to simulate the ornate form of crowns filled with glittering glass. Today, chandeliers have taken on a whole new personality with complex metallic designs that dangle from the ceiling.

Technology Over Time

One of the biggest changes that has impacted chandelier design are the vast improvements made in technology over the years. While the earliest chandeliers were designed to hold candles, many of them were later retrofitted to burn gas and later updated to use electricity. Over this same time period, new materials came into use and metal was made lighter and more flexible, making chandeliers less expensive to produce. What was once reserved for royalty began to filter down to the common people over time.

The Modern Chandelier

Many times the image of a chandelier includes a glittering waterfall of glass beads with several concentric rings of lights stacked on top of each other. Today’s designers have done away with some of the glitz and found ways to make the modern chandelier a testament to our industrial nature. With LED lights hidden between ultra-light aluminum arms, the modern chandelier often features brighter lights which are dimmable. Where older chandeliers used layers of glass beads to diffuse the light, the modern chandelier often uses colored plastic disks or canopies to achieve this same effect.

If you are looking for a chandelier to decorate your home or gathering space, the good news is that there are plenty of options. Many classical designs are still being reproduced with all of their glittering flare. However, sleeker, lighter designs have become more popular because of their use of the latest lighting technology and ability to work with the sleek, ultra-modern room designs we’ve come to know and love.

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