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Teak it to the Limit: What’s So Great About Teak Furniture?

Furniture is many things to many people: a fashion statement, a way to bring a room together, an investment. A great piece of furniture is, of course, all of these things. At Copenhagen, we sell great furniture, and Classic Teak has been a staple of our collection since we opened in 1970. Classic Teak embodies so much of what we believe in: clean, simple, and timeless design. Simply put, Classic Teak is what we love about furniture.

What makes teak furniture so special? It all starts with the wood itself. Teak has a look, feel, and durability that discerning decorators want. If you’re in the market for a good piece of furniture, it’s time to take a close look at teak. Here’s why:

1) Teak is incredibly durable.

Teak comes from rough climates, often grown in Africa, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. The environment prepares the wood to be strong throughout its life, and not only can the teak tree survive the humidity and heat, but it thrives in it. Chances are, your home is a much more comfortable environment than the tropics (or at least we hope). Even with normal use, teak is such a hard wood that it should be beautiful from the moment you buy it and last for years and years to come.

2) Teak requires very little maintenance.

As we mentioned, teak is a very strong hardwood. Most furniture requires some sort of regular care for it to remain in peak condition. For instance, leather is a living material and needs to be maintained in order to look and feel great. Teak, on the other hand, needs to be looked after once every half year or year, depending on your preferences. To take care of your teak furniture, clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust. Once or twice every year, use teak oil and work into the wood following the grain. Remove all the oil with an absorbent cloth until the wood is completely dry. That’s all the care teak needs!

3) Teak looks beautiful.

Teak starts out as a beautiful brown color. Over the years, with proper care, it will barely change color, fading slightly but still retaining its distinctive color. Later, teak will have a slightly more pronounced grain structure, but this only enhances the wood’s beauty. Furthermore, because teak is so strong, it can be worked into distinct, simple shapes that retain their clean lines, even after extensive use.

If you are interested in seeing the beauty of teak firsthand, visit Copenhagen in person or online. Our Classic Teak collection can transform any room of your house into a modern, sophisticated space that will stand the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about our teak collection.