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Stylish Bedroom Extras from Copenhagen

New year, new you as they say, and there is no better way to reinvent yourself than to start with your private domain. January is the perfect time to redecorate your bedroom and surround yourself with positive energy. You can find tons of bedroom extras from Copenhagen to add to the comfort and aesthetic of your room.


A mirror offers both functionality and a form of expression in any bedroom. Whether you prefer a full length mirror or a smaller decorative mirror for your walls, the mirror helps the room feel larger and more open. It also gives you a place to get ready in the morning and reflect each day. A vanity mounted mirror is the perfect place to store your cosmetics, jewelry and other small personal items.

Art Work

Works of art can help lighten the mood in any room and they can definitely improve your state of mind in your bedroom. Copenhagen Living has a selection of artwork including modern pieces that will fit into any color scheme.

Dressers and Nightstands

Keep the clutter to a minimum with the help of a gorgeous dresser and nightstand set. These bedroom extras can help you stay organized and make the most of your bedroom space. Don’t forget to get a table lamp for your nightstand so you can keep your room comfortably lit before bed.

Cozy Chairs

Bedrooms aren’t just for beds. Investing in a cozy chair to read and relax in definitely adds to the comfort level in your room. Choose a chair that won’t take up too much floor space, but will offer you a quiet place to wind down at the end of a long day.

These bedroom extras are just some of the many products you can find at Copenhagen. January is the best time of year to dress up your room thanks to the number of sales and promotions that take place at the beginning of the year. Start out with a set of fresh new linens and redecorate your whole room as you take on big new goals.