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Stressless® 50th Anniversary

Stressless® of Norway, one of Copenhagen’s longtime brand partners and manufacturers, is known worldwide for its innovation and craftsmanship of minimalist, Scandinavian-style recliners and seating. In 2021, Stressless® celebrated its 50th Anniversary and, in commemoration of a half-century of balanced comfort, has officially launched its redesigned Stressless® Royal recliner, now available at Copenhagen.

Originally introduced in 1981, the Royal was Stressless’ first recliner with the now-classic hourglass-shaped base in laminated wood. For its 50th Anniversary redesign, the company made some aesthetic adjustments to improve this iconic design without compromising its unmistakable comfort. As it does with all of its furniture, Stressless® emphasized sustainability by using materials and manufacturing processes that have low environmental impact.

Signature curves and retro stitching define the Royal’s design, making it the perfect anniversary model. Stressless® has enhanced the chair with the original base and steel structure inspired by the very first Stressless® Original from 1971. Copenhagen stocks the Royal with the Original base in chrome or a contemporary matte black finish, as well as with Signature and Classic bases. As with all Stressless® recliners, Royal can be special ordered in a wide range of leather colors and base combinations. Learn more here.

In its 50 years in business, the team at Stressless® has continued to innovate. The first Stressless® recliner was released in 1971, followed by a line of sofas in 1993. Keeping with the times and technology, Stressless introduced power motion into a new dynamic range of sofas and recliners with the Mary and Emily sofas and Mike and Max power recliners. As Stressless’ North America Marketing Director, Beverly Kastel, explains, “There’s a reason it all started 50 years ago in Norway, where Scandinavian nature and culture bring out the best in technology. Together, human insight and advanced robotics have created a product that’s the most comfortable furniture on earth – the Stressless® recliner.”

Copenhagen has premium Stressless® galleries at each of its showroom locations. To find your new comfort zone and experience the comfort of Stressless®, visit your nearest showroom. Learn more about Stressless here!