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Sky’s the Limit: Why the Stressless® Sky Mattress is Made for Stellar Sleep

Two people sleeping on Stressless Sky Plush King mattress

The town of Sykkylven, Norway, where Ekornes is headquartered, is located on the bank of a pristine fjord and surrounded by idyllic fields and forests. Nearby, the snow-capped peaks of an alpine mountain range offer stunning views. It comes as little surprise that such relaxing surroundings were where the Stressless® Sky Mattress was born.

“When the team at Ekornes was deciding on the name for their new mattress, they wanted to pay homage to their Nordic heritage,” says Alan Vonderhaar, or “Dr. V,” a mattress specialist for Ekornes who has spent nearly four decades in mattress sales. “If you’ve ever seen the sky in Norway, it is absolutely beautiful,” Dr. V continues. “And this is what Ekornes wanted to represent in the Sky mattress – they felt the concept of the sky embodied beauty, heritage, and comfort, as well as a better day because of the better sleep you had the night before.”

Because Ekornes started out in 1934 as a maker of mattresses and coils, the Stressless® Sky draws on over 80 years of knowledge and expertise to bring you a sleeping experience like no other. And with the busy pace of modern life, it’s more important than ever to get a good night’s sleep. “A good night of sleep carries over to your entire next day,” says Dr. V. “Quality sleep gives us so many essential benefits, from physical recovery for our muscles, bones, and tissues, to cognitive and emotional resiliency.”

If you’re looking to experience the rewards of a better night’s sleep, the Stressless® Sky may be just the mattress you’ve been dreaming of. Designed with the same uncompromising quality and care that goes into the Stressless® recliners, the Stressless® Sky mattress is built from the inside out to give you unparalleled comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Read on to learn more about each part of the Sky, from its cover to its springs, and why this mattress floats miles above the competition.

Anatomy of the Stressless® Sky

Each Sky mattress is composed of three basic components: the cover, the foam, and the coils, which are then arranged in layers. The Cloud layer is the uppermost layer, consisting of a breathable cover stitched over in-house developed NordicSoft™ foam. The optional middle layer is the Plush layer composed of additional NordicSoft™ foam, which gives the mattress a luxurious feel for those who love an extra-soft sleeping surface. Finally, the Support layer on the bottom contains AdaptiveZones™ pocket coils that are specially placed to give just the right amount of support to different areas of your body.

Additionally, a Norwegian wool side casing offers durability, while zippers between each layer make the Sky a uniquely modular and customizable mattress. The Sky is available in both standard and Plush versions in Queen, King, and Split King sizes, and is compatible with adjustable bed bases so you can truly take your comfort to the utmost level.



Stitched with an elegant pattern that resembles swan feathers, the cover of the Sky mattress is made from yarn developed exclusively for Stressless® in a soft and breathable blend of polyester, viscose, and acrylic. Viscose helps the mattress stay cool and moisture-wicking, making the Sky an ideal choice for sleepers wanting better temperature regulation.

What’s more, the cover of the Sky mattress is 3D machine-knit to give it a three-part structure consisting of a top, inlay, and base layer. With a permanently fire-retardant, chemical-free top layer, a fluffy and flexible middle layer, and an anchoring base layer, the cover of the Sky is meticulously designed to stay cool, safe, and comfortable year after year.


“The NordicSoft™ foam that goes into the Stressless® Sky is like no other, because Ekornes has a proprietary design on it that nobody else in the world has,” says Dr. V. “This foam is the end product of years of testing different formulas in the search for a foam with superior pressure relief and airflow.” The result is like lying on a cloud – a medium-plush and highly elastic feel helps you drift off to sleep, while the open structure of the foam improves airflow and lets moisture dissipate. As a bonus, the ventilated structure helps keep the mattress free of mites, making it hypoallergenic as well.

All Sky mattresses contain NordicSoft™ foam in their upper Cloud layer, but if you want an extra touch of bliss, consider the Sky Plush mattresses that come with an extra 4 inches of foam in a modular middle layer. Either way, you’ll experience comfort and pressure relief that keeps you sleeping soundly and helps you wake up refreshed.


Unlike coils in a typical mattress that offer the same level of resistance across the board, the AdaptiveZones™ pocket coils in the Sky mattress are designed to provide customized support that matches the weight distribution of the human body. Surrounded by flexible foam and individually wrapped in fabric, the springs offer softer support at the head, shoulders, and feet; firmer support at the lumbar spine and thighs, and medium support at the hips. These zones promote proper body alignment for all sleeping positions, in addition to preventing the center of the mattress from sagging.

“The special thing about these springs is that each of them is made from the same length of steel, but inductively – that is, electrically – charged to provide one of three different resistances,” says Dr V. “Moreover, the placement and zoning of these coils was made to accommodate as wide a range of human bodies as possible in terms of shape and size.”

Side casing

The Sky’s side casing is woven from a Norwegian wool blend and equipped with load-bearing leather handles for ease of transport. In addition to being a renewable resource that needs 70% less water to produce than cotton, wool is durable, naturally repellent against dirt and pests, naturally flame-retardant, and warm yet breathable – making the side casing every bit as carefully thought-out as what’s inside the mattress.


One of the most unique features of the Sky is undoubtedly its modular structure that allows any layer to be zipped on or off any other layer. This means you can customize the feel of your mattress by adding or zipping away a Plush layer or replacing an individual layer when needed instead of discarding the entire mattress.

“When seeking out a zipper manufacturer for the Sky, Ekornes decided on YKK, based in Japan, because they are the number one zipper manufacturer in the world,” Dr. V explains. “This zipper operates so smoothly that I can move it with one finger – but its auto lock slider also ensures that it won’t open unless you pull on it.”

Combining Nordic heritage with modern comfort technology, the Stressless® Sky mattress will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. Indeed, Dr. V says, “Your mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can buy, because investing in your sleep is an investment in your health.” Whether you choose the medium-soft standard mattress or the extra-dreamy Plush version, you can rest assured that every part of the Sky mattress was built for lasting comfort and support. Try the Stressless® Sky mattresses at Copenhagen today and indulge yourself in a sleep experience that will have you on cloud nine.