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Reduce Strain On Your Eyes With a Desk Lamp

For many of us, the glare of a computer monitor is only exacerbated by extreme white overhead lights. This level of lighting often leaves our eyes tired at the end of the day and yet it isn’t quite enough for completing other tasks at our desks. Desk lamps provide a valuable solution by allowing the ambient light of the room to be reduced while creating brighter working environments at specific locations.

Lowering Ambient Lighting

Lowering the ambient lighting of a work environment provides several important benefits. First, it reduces the strain on your eyes by eliminating glare and creating a warmer, softer space. Secondly, it helps lower power consumption because brighter lights require more energy. When you are staring at a computer monitor all day, lower ambient light makes it possible to turn down your monitor’s brightness settings as well.

Providing Light Where You Need It

In place of bright ambient lights, you can count on a desk lamp to get the job done. A desk lamp can come in just about any form, but some of the most popular desk lamps provide a long bar of bright downlighting. This ensures that you can clearly read and write without needing to squint your eyes. You can also choose a can-style light which directs light down into one specific location. These types of lights cover the bulb and prevent you from accidentally looking into the source of light as you move about your desk.

The type of desk lamp you choose will also vary based on the amount of light you need and your age. For instance, younger children typically need less light to work efficiently, so a desk lamp for a children’s room can be rated for lower wattage, while someone older may need extra light. The most efficient lighting types are LED and halogen desk lamps, although halogen lamps can get hot. LED lights are becoming more popular because they are highly efficient, cost-effective, and provide more light, while taking up less space.

A perfect example of a desk lamp that has it all is the Z-Bar Mini LED lamp. Not only does it provide a bright bar of LED lights, but it also comes with articulating arms so you can position the light properly for the work you are doing.

Copenhagen has a full collection of desk lamps, both stationary and movable. You can choose from a selection of different lighting styles and intensities to fit your needs in any work environment and save your eyesight. Visit us online or at one of Arizona or Texas showrooms to check out a desk lamp that will fit your home or office.