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5% for Charity, 5% for You

Spring Charity Drive

Donate 5 food items and receive 5% off your entire* order. And Copenhagen will donate 5% of sales to community food banks to raise $60,000 in support of hunger relief.

Copenhagen is proud to team up once again with five local food banks in Arizona and Texas for the third annual 5&5 Charity Food Drive. In 2022 and 2023, Copenhagen raised a total of $190,000 for hunger relief. Help us raise a three-year goal of $250,000 to support these essential charities.

*Copenhagen will donate 5% of all gross sales to reach our 2024 fundraising goal of $60,000. Some items may be excluded from the customer 5% discount, including Stressless®, Clearance Center, and Closeout merchandise. See store for full details. In order to be eligible for 5% discount, a donation of 5 non-perishable items or $25 must be donated to one of our food bank partners. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

Community Food bank of southern arizona logo

Located in Tucson, the Community Food Bank serves the southern Arizona region by providing access to food and supporting long-term solutions to hunger. They offer various programs and initiatives, aiming to not just alleviate hunger today but build a foundation for a future free from food insecurity. Their work includes distributing food, advocating for policies that address hunger, and collaborating with community partners to create lasting change. In 2023, the Community Food bank distributed over 36 million pounds of food to families, seniors and students across five counties in Southern Arizona. Last year, the food bank handed out 402,352 emergency food bags providing much needed food to 160,492 people.

Donate to Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

St. Mary's Food Bank of Phoenix

st. mary's food bank logo

Holding the title of Arizona’s largest food bank, St. Mary’s Food Bank serves Phoenix and nine other counties. Their mission goes beyond immediate food access. They strive to empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency by offering resources and programs that promote long-term stability. This involves not just providing food but also fostering skills and opportunities that help individuals build a brighter future for themselves. St. Mary’s food bank serves 300,000 meals a day, providing individuals with nutritious and crucial food aid. In 2023, the food bank provided 93 million meals throughout Arizona, which makes up over 100 million pounds of food.

Donate to St. Mary's Food Bank

Central Texas Food Bank

Central Texas Food Bank logoThe Central Texas Food Bank stands as the largest hunger-relief organization in Central Texas. They fulfill their mission by providing access to nutritious food for those in need alongside offering innovative programs and educational resources. This multifaceted approach not only combats hunger in the short term but also equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to build sustainable food security for themselves and their families. In 2023, the Central Texas Food Bank distributed 60.4 million pounds of food, rescuing 83% from farms, retailers, and distributors. Thanks to the food bank’s efforts, they are able to provide 70,000 Central Texans with nutritious meals each week.

Donate to Central Texas Food Bank

San Antonio Food Bank

SA Food Bank Logo

Established in 1980, the San Antonio Food Bank serves a vast area in Southwest Texas. Their mission focuses on both immediate food assistance and long-term solutions. They provide food to individuals and families in need while also offering programs and resources that empower them to achieve self-sufficiency. This holistic approach aims to address the immediate needs of those facing hunger while creating pathways towards a future free from food insecurity. In 2023, the San Antonio Food Bank received over 72 million pounds of food which helped 800,000 individuals receive crucial assistance. Each week, the food bank provides 105,000 Southwestern Texans nutritious meals.

Donate to San Antonio Food Bank

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger became an independent food bank in 2016 and is the second youngest food bank in the United States. The food bank has quickly grown to provide essential services in its three-county service area of El Paso, Hudspeth and Culberson counties. As El Paso’s only food bank, EPFH served 177,000 unique individuals including children, single parent households, veterans, senior citizens, and working-class families last year through the distribution of 106.2 million pounds of food in collaboration with over 100 partner pantries across the region. Every dollar donated provides food for 7 meals for those most in need.

Donate to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger

6 Ways Local Food Banks Uplift Our Communities

Food banks play a vital role in communities, distributing millions of pounds of produce, nonperishables, and other staple items every year to some of society’s most vulnerable, including children, seniors, and those living in poverty. In this way, food banks are instrumental in fighting not only hunger but also food insecurity, defined as the condition of consistently lacking access to the nutrition one needs to live a healthy and active life.

But did you know food banks offer a wealth of amazing programs beyond food distribution? To raise awareness of the incredible work our food banks do, we’d like to spotlight six lesser-known ways food banks uplift our communities and help individuals to live healthier, more secure, and more fulfilling lives.

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