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Office Chairs at Copenhagen Imports

By Evan Ingold & Alyssa Mason

You know how the saying goes: An ergonomic office chair a day will keep the chiropractor away. Well, that may not be quite how it goes, but it’s the version that may ring true if you sit in an an office each day! There are plenty of office chairs out there, but not all of them provide the necessary support and function that you need for a painless workday. We talked with one of Copenhagen’s office experts to highlight some of his top picks for a truly ergonomic office chair.

1. Via Seating

Great things happen in a Via Seating chair. Your back is supported, your knees rest at the perfect angle, and your long work day is suddenly not so difficult. Copenhagen’s Dave Mason, a sales asociate at the Tucson location, explains why he recommends Via chairs like the Onda: “Via is very customizable to the body. Via chairs offer tons of adjustments and features that you can add or subtract from your chair. The most necessary features, in my opinion, are the forward tilt, and the height-adjustment. The forward tilt makes you sit upright, providing back support while preventing hunching. And though height-adjustment is a common feature of office chairs, using it properly is important. Making sure your knees rest at a 90 degree angle disengages the hamstrings, which puts less pressure on the lower back muscles, and can help those with sciatica or herniated discs.”

Via’s customization doesn’t end there. Their Spec-It tool, which sales associates like Dave frequently use, allows you to customize your frame, control mechanism, arms, back height, base, color, and more. Check it out for yourself here, and if you find something you like, bring in a print-out of your creation to have an associate special-order it for you.

2. Ekornes of Norway

Ekornes‘ Stressless® recliners are world-renowned for their innovative, high quality craftmanship and dedication to intuitive comfort. Their office chairs are no different. “The Wing office chair by Stressless® is great for an executive look,” Dave says. “It’s professional design makes it ideal for use during meetings or in conference rooms.” Stressless office chairs are also equipped with the Stressless® Plus™ and Glide systems, which provide continuous support for the head and lower back. We also think they’re great for working from home; they seamlessly fit into any design environment and are easy to maneuver into a corner nook where you can type away on your laptop.

3. Unique Furniture

“Unique offers more affordable office chairs that still have those flexible features that are necessary for comfort,” Dave says. “The Boston, for example, is a very upright, task-oriented chair that keeps your back in a supported position over the keyboard, making it easier to work for longer periods of time. Where else will you find an executive-looking chair, made from real leather, at this price point? Nowhere.”

He also recommends the Seattle, which features a spine-like network of webbing along the back with built-in lumbar support. “The higher headrest makes it easier to lean back and work on a laptop, and the back is made from a nice, breathable mesh that promotes airflow.”

Dave says that the most important thing to do when choosing an office chair is to “think about your work space.” Size, location, and function can determine what type of chair will work best for you and your body’s needs. Whatever your requirements are, we have plenty of options, and if you need further help, you can always contact us online or visit any Copenhagen location. We promise we’re easier to get ahold of than the chiropractor.