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Modernism is a common term used in interior design today. If you have gone shopping for furniture, you have probably encountered the word modernism a couple of times. Unless you are an interior designer or are an ardent enthusiast of interior design, you may not understand what modernism means and why the concept of modernism is so widespread in interior design nowadays. So, what is modernism? What are some of the elements that make modernism distinctive?


Modernism in interior design is the reflection of the modern art movement in the design of interior design and home furnishings. This is a more socially informed manner of creating and equipping spaces and building items for living according to need and function. Modernism incorporates the useful characteristics of other designs, such as Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian creating beautiful and functional pieces that will amaze the consumer. Modernism eliminates heavy texture and carvings from the pieces and employs clean straight lines with very little additional details. The lines are shaper and more crisp. Besides the use of clean straight lines, here are three common elements and attributes which denote modernism in interior design:


This is an integral part in modernism and uses the famed “less is more” approach. Only the absolutely necessary pieces are used. Although the pieces used may appear to be few in number, they offer a lot of comfort thanks to the way they are streamlined to offer high efficiency.

Bold Colors

In modernism, bold colors are used to accentuate pieces and break up neutrals, while providing distinct focal points. The colors are carefully selected and introduced sparingly, but have a large impact on the final look of the interior.

Use of new materials and technology

There are many new and relatively unorthodox materials and technology being used in interior design. Such materials include glass panels, plastics and concrete. Many of these pieces are created using high tech printing and molding capabilities as opposed to the hand carved furniture of the past.

Modernism will continue to be a driving force in interior design for the foreseeable future. Many people have come to love the simplicity of modernism for their homes, offices, and even outdoor living spaces. To see a full selection of modernist furniture, visit Copenhagen Living today and explore our collections!