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The Modern Daybed:A Fresh Approach to an Ancient Piece of Furniture

Daybeds have been around for many centuries. Egyptians considered the chair the most important piece of furniture followed closely by the bed. The creation of the daybed blended these two most prominent pieces into one stylish, comfortable and functional addition.

The ancient cultures of Greece and Rome also used daybeds in many ways. Both cultures considered reclining socially acceptable and even enjoyed meals in this posture. They used the daybed for a variety of activities. They were used in libraries and for as a piece of the main decor of a home. It is not hard to imagine that the couch is a natural evolution of the daybed.

Daybeds continued their prominent position through history, mostly found in use by the upper classes in Europe and the wealthy in America. Even if you don’t have a castle, palace, or mansion, the modern daybed adds style, class, and function to living spaces of any size.

Variety of Styles

Although modern daybeds come in a wide range of design styles, they traditionally use a twin sized mattress and have two sides and one back, reminiscent of a sofa. Just like the Egyptian upper classes or European royalty, you can spend time on your daybed during the day while sitting, reading, or just lounging, as well as using them at night to sleep comfortably.

Modern Daybeds are manufactured in the contemporary style with materials like wood or metal. They add their own touch of class and chic-ness to any part of your living space. They have clean lines, open, airy space, and are very sleek and pleasing to the eye.

Designers create Modern Daybeds with innovative artistic interpretations to create sinuous and sensual furniture that takes your breath away. These pieces will impress family, friends, or guests in your home. Put a piece of art in your living space, visit Copenhagen, an innovative furniture company with locations in Arizona and Texas or check out their website today.