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Modern Bookcases for the Bold Reader

For too long bookcases have been defined by tall rectangles broken down into evenly spaced shelves with sporadically little ornamentation. Modern bookcases are turning this standard upside down by offering creative storage spaces for all of your favorite books. Now you can fill your room with bookcases that add both dimension and flavor to your decor.

Asymmetrical Bookcases

One of the best new trends in modern bookcases is the sudden popularity of asymmetrical bookcases. You can find bookcases designed to look like zigzags or with random cutaways that break up the old flat shelves. Some designers have taken an interest in using vertical space as well as horizontal space, so bookshelves are being broken into cubes that can store a variety of different objects on a single level.

3 Dimensional Space

In days past, bookshelves were built so that all of the shelves, top to bottom, stood out from the wall at precisely the same distance. They were boxed in by exterior frames that kept everything straight. Today, bookshelves are taking on more of a free form appearance, where some shelves are recessed, while others jut out past the frame. In addition, you are likely to find modern bookcases that do away with the outer frame altogether and rely solely on simple rails that hold everything in place.

Wall Mounted Bookcases

Now that we can mold and form materials into a wider range of shapes than ever before, modern bookcases are taking on even more unusual formats. Wall mounted bookcases in the shape of hearts, stars, flames, instruments and so much more are popping up all over the place. They generally hold fewer books than their free standing counterparts, but they double as wall art that you contribute to with your collection of books.

Modern bookcases are a great way to add storage space in any room. You are no longer limited to plain rectangular bookcases, but can expand your shelving to include bookcases in a huge range of styles and shapes. You can even free up floor space by mounting bookcases on the walls instead.

Copenhagen Living has a wide selection of modern bookcases available for any dedicated reader. Visit us online and shop our catalog today to find a new home for your favorite volumes.