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How to Make Your Dining Room Feel Bigger

If you love to entertain, you may be faced with the very real possibility that your guest list has exceeded the capacity of your formal dining room. More and more houses are going to an open floor plan which creates better flow through the home. However, if you’re not ready to knock down a wall to open the space up, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your existing space.

Use Every Corner

Most dining rooms have a lot of wasted space near the corners. While the dining room table dominates the center of a room, a small round table with simple chairs can add some extra space without making the room feel cramped. For a more permanent solution, wall benches in one corner can also create a cozy space when the table is not needed.

Get Creative with Storage

There are a wide range of fold-out tables and storage solutions available from Copenhagen. You can use these features to stow away unnecessary furniture until your next party. You can even find some foldable bar tops that neatly stow the bar stools underneath. This makes the most of your space while also ensuring that your spaces stay clean and uncluttered.

Add Mirrors

A mirror is a great addition to make your room feel larger. You can place mirrors strategically to brighten the room up and make the walls look farther away. You can also decorate around the mirrors with other artwork that will add color and depth to the space.

Think Open

Instead of building bulky cabinets that take up space and make the room look closed off, shoot for a more open concept. Open air shelves are a great way to store wine glasses, display artwork, and more. Without heavy cabinet doors the room will feel larger because you can see the walls themselves. You can also paint the area behind shelves a different color to make a contrast.

If you are ready to redesign your small dining room into a comfortable and welcoming space, visit Copenhagen today. You will find a wealth of flexible furniture and decor options to make your dining room space feel larger than life.