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How to Choose Furniture That Speaks to Your New Year Goals

Woman doing yoga next to BDI Soma lift coffee table

When you think about your plans for the year ahead, how do you feel? Excited? Intimidated? Determined? With the new year comes new year's resolutions, and for many of us, a time to reflect and set goals for the year to come. For instance, Will Joffroy, a sales associate and interior designer at Copenhagen Tucson, says, “This year, I’d like to focus more on organizing gatherings with friends and family. I’d also like to plan a trip outside the US – don't know where, but I'm getting the travel itch!”

As a designer, Joffroy is attuned to how someone’s environment can influence their mindset and motivation, and loves helping his clients achieve their goals through design. Below, find ways you can give your goals a boost this year by making your external environment one that supports your intentions. Read on for design and shopping tips – as well as Joffroy’s recommendations – for furniture that will bring comfort and functionality as you work towards your resolutions.

Goal: Spending more time with family & friends

For many of us, our relationships with our loved ones are among the most important things in our lives – yet it may be a struggle to spend quality time with them between busy schedules, work, and more. Inviting friends or family over for a casual get-together or an extended stay can strengthen those connections – and pieces like sectionals and sleepers can make these gatherings even more vibrant.

A sectional can be a bold statement piece that impresses your guests, while also providing plenty of space to sit. What’s more, its angled design makes it convenient for multiple people to face each other and have a conversation that includes everyone.

For instance, the New York Sectional has a gently curved shape, plus easy-care black leather upholstery that’s friendly for families. Joffroy also recommends the Beacon seating collection, consisting of individual units that can be combined into a sectional that’s perfect for your space. “Because of Beacon’s modular design, these pieces are highly customizable and easily rearranged for parties,” he adds.

For those with smaller or multi-use spaces who want to give guests a comfortable place to sleep, a sleeper sofa is a fantastic investment. The Haven Sleeper Sofa is both stylish and functional, with deep, plush cushioning and a queen-size mattress that’s easier on the body than spending the night on a couch or air mattress. Similarly, the Monika collection offers a range of furniture pieces that convert into beds, from the spacious King Sleeper Sofa to the minimalist Chair Sleeper.

Goal: Physical health & fitness, being more in tune with one’s body

Physical health-related goals are one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, whether you’re aspiring to exercise more, develop healthier habits, or just take better care of your body in general. For some, this means joining a gym or taking the stairs more – but have you also considered how your furniture can benefit your health?

With the adage “sitting is the new smoking” gaining ground, people are seeking ways to reduce their time spent sitting at work. A popular solution is replacing a traditional desk with a sit-stand desk. BDI’s Soma collection of lift furniture includes cutting-edge sit-stand desks like the 72” version with a programmable control lever, hanging hook, and surge protector, or an adjustable-height console table/desk that makes it easy to work healthy from home.

With an Ekornes Stressless® recliner, you can relax in a body-conscious manner too. One of the few recliners with an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association, these recliners offer support for your lumbar spine, head, and legs in any position. Another favorite of Joffroy’s, Stressless chairs are “of exceptional comfort and quality,” he says. “I could never pass up on a Stressless.”

Goal: Productivity & getting more work done

Another common class of resolutions relates to work and productivity. Maybe you’ve decided that this is the year you’re finally going to tackle that project, build your portfolio, or pursue your ambitions. Why not refresh your office with a desk that’s as innovative and forward-thinking as you are?

For the working professional with big aspirations – or anyone who wants a desk to streamline their workday – Joffroy says, “I highly recommend the Narbutas Motion Executive Desk. It has a nice amount of storage that can be locked, good wire management, and a sit-stand function, as well as being a generously sized desk with an intuitive L shape.”

Of course, a state-of-the-art desk wouldn’t be complete without an office chair made to support your body and keep you focused. BDI’s Voca Chair features unparalleled engineering and comfort technologies to help you get into your zone – like built-in lumbar support, an adjustable seat and armrests, and a seat and backrest that can tilt independently.

Goal: Cooking & entertaining more at home

Perhaps your goal this year is to crack open that cookbook gathering dust on your shelf and try some new recipes. Maybe you want to reduce your reliance on eating out or are curious to explore different cuisines. Either way, your culinary creations deserve to be served on equally impressive furniture.

Make each meal memorable with an elegant dining table, like the Nani, which features warm tiger bamboo, organically shaped legs, and sustainable sourcing. Or try the Skorpio Dining Table, with a pristine glass tabletop and dynamic, architectural base.

Coordinate your table with a striking sideboard that lets you store extra dishware and cutlery, as well as offering a surface where guests can serve themselves buffet-style. For a winning combination, Joffroy says, “The Skorpio Table paired with the Royalton Sideboard would be my go-to. Both pieces are expertly crafted and a joy to experience.”

Goal: Self-care & mental health

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it can be easy to spend less time on self-care and emotional well-being. The new year can be the ideal time to re-center yourself and balance your own needs and wants equally with other life demands. This can mean taking more time for a hobby you love, meditating, or treating yourself to an item you can’t stop thinking about. These “treat yourself” items are unique to each person, but can include something in your favorite color, something artistic that speaks to you, or a piece that makes you feel instantly at home.

For instance, why not pamper yourself with a Harlequin Malia Split King Mattress – the world’s only brand of adjustable mattress that doesn’t require a separate bed base? Joffroy says, “I’d gladly treat myself to a Malia Mattress – it’s sleek and very user-friendly, as well as cozy and supportive. I’d also treat myself to a Sophia Sofa, which is comfortable and elegant with lots of leather and fabric choices.”

As you work toward your resolutions this year, consider visiting your local Copenhagen to discover furniture that can help you be your best self this year and the years to follow. And don’t feel shy about building a rapport with our friendly associates and designers – they can give you personalized recommendations for furniture and accessories that will have you looking back at the end of the year and saying, “I did it!”