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The History of the Skovby Dining Collection

The Skovby brand got its start as a family-owned furniture builder in 1933. The Danish company first began by making custom furniture pieces and one-off creations on an order-by-order basis. However, over their first 20 years, their reputation grew exponentially. Soon, this small company started by a cabinetmaker was no longer able to keep up with demand, so it expanded into full scale production. Today, we see Skovby pieces all over the world.

Focus on Functionality

Over the years, Skovby has proven to be the gold standard in form and functionality for the dining room. In particular, they have specialized in the creation of expandable dining sets to fit any size family comfortably without taking up too much space. Skovby designs dining room tables to add to the efficiency of your home all year round, while also using sustainable materials in the process.

Building Dreams

One thing that makes the Skovby dining collection so valuable is their focus on the bigger picture. With each new design, they are thinking of more than just the table and chairs themselves. They are also thinking about the feel of the table, how it will look in a space, and whether or not it will help families grow closer over meals. They like to dream big with their designs.

Quality Materials

Skovby has also set a higher bar for the quality of dining room products. While many companies will gladly tell you about the properties of the woods they use, Skovby also wants to tell you about their finishing process down to the last layer of lacquer and the last stitch of fabric. They know that your dining set is only as good as its weakest link, so they have worked tirelessly to build furniture that can withstand even the toughest use.

If you’ve been searching for a dining room set for your home, Copenhagen invites you to browse our Skovby dining collection today. There are dozens of economical tables available with comfortable matching chairs. You will be sure to find something that fits your style and space in no time. We’re sure you’ll love the quality and ease of having a Skovby set in your dining room year after year.